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A nice congratulations from MRF on our success ...

Let Those Who Ride Decide – State #33

On June 1st, Nebraska governor Jim Pillen signed into law a motorcycle helmet modification bill, which allows riders to choose if they wear a helmet. Congratulations to the motorcyclists in Nebraska, ABATE of Nebraska and all the groups in Nebraska who for years fought to have helmet choice in the Cornhusker State.  

Nebraska State Senator Ben Hansen originally introduced the language, which was included in a larger transportation bill that passed the legislature at the end of May. Effective January 1, 2024, an individual age 21 and older, who has completed a certified motorcycle safety course may now choose whether or not to wear a helmet, provided the rider uses protective eye equipment. 

In 2020, Missouri passed a helmet choice bill leaving Nebraska as the sole state in the Midwest that required all riders to wear a helmet. With this new law, Nebraska now joins its neighboring states and becomes the 33rd state allowing helmet choice. 

For 34 years riders in Nebraska have sought the freedom to decide whether to wear a helmet. This victory is a testament to the handiwork, determination and passion of all those involved. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) has long championed the belief that “those who ride should decide.”

When hearing the news, MRF President, Kirk “Hardtail” Willard said, "Grass roots activism at its finest, it is encouraging to see that there are still politicians and bureaucrats in this great country of ours that bend to common sense and the will of the people.  Given the nanny state of our society today, it is an outstanding achievement by ABATE of Nebraska and other involved motorcyclists in earning their freedom of choice." 

This message from “Rogue,” State Coordinator for ABATE of Nebraska, Todd C. Miller should inspire us all. “It is hard to explain what this bill means to me. I was mentored and encouraged by so many. I am turning 60 and had the privilege to ride in this state prior to the mandatory helmet law enacted in 1989. Over the years, I have lost many friends, colleagues, brothers and freedom fighters who were on the frontlines of this fight.  It is hard to encourage a group of young riders that have never ridden free in Nebraska, for us, that was anyone under the age of 50! So, in honor of all of those we have lost, I am very proud to say the next generation of riders will know what it means to ride free in this state.  I pray they make memories, enjoy the ride here in Nebraska and become emboldened with the same desire I, and so many others, had to defend our rights in the years to come.  We all know the fight is NOT over. 

I would like to Honor my Board of Directors/State Officers both past and present for sticking with the plan… and making it happen. My legislative officers over the years who helped keep us focused and get us there one step at a time, including Charles Thomas, Scott Lucey, Gary Neeman and my current Legislative Representative Randy Geer. Last and certainly not least, my wife and State Membership Secretary, Sheri Miller for all the late nights, weekends, and continued support.   

My list of outstanding contributors also includes Rick Backer, Jimmy Wray, Jodi Wessel, and Duane ‘Drano’ Goff, all of whom are no longer with us …” 

Congratulations Nebraska!  

Ride Safe and Ride Free! 


Update 6/1/23 LB91 was amended to LB138 and has been signed by the Governor ... this bill will become law Jan. 1, 2024 ... this has been 34 years coming! a fantastic win for our state to be #33 of states repealing mandatory helmet laws ... 

Requirements are:

Over 21, complete a basic rider safety course, same one used to get your license, and wear eye protection ... law also makes it a secondary offense meaning you cannot be pulled over unless another violation warrants it. Out of state riders would have to carry their card as proof if pulled over ... 

Update 3/25/23 LB91 moved out of committee to general file vote of 5 for 2 against and one not voting ...  
Update 2/28/23  - 2 more senators signed onto the bill 24 !
Legislative update 1/31/23
22 senators have now co sponsored the bill ... 
Legislative update 1/1/23... 

We have a bill drafted and ready to go ... stay tuned for updates and get to a meeting and or Lobby day !!! your help is needed to push a bill through this year.

Lobby day is January 23, 8 am to 10:30 at the capital make an appointment with your senator for that day

Election update ... I can say with some certainty we did well with the candidates we supported from the flier. Many probably already did the math but …

 Of the 5 races for state positions … our candidates won all 5 races! This bodes well for us as a whole … every one of them except Pillen was a state senator whom helped us before … win!

 Of the 13 legislative races we endorsed we won 10!

 This is a solid win and better than any previous years … is it enough? I cannot say, I need to wait and see where the last few votes may fall before I begin to speculate.  I do see a path to victory but it is not absolute … i.e. I do not believe we have a guaranteed 33 votes for the bill however … We do have a majority … do not be discouraged. We will need to be ready come January and maybe before depending on the make up of the Transportation committee. 

 Stay tuned the Board of directors will have a meeting early December to discuss a Lobbyist and / or our strategy moving forward.  It is likely there will be some calls to action.  I would appreciate for now everyone reach out to their senators and congratulate them on the wins … whether they are for us or not … remember we don’t need enemies either in most cases year after year all we need is cloture not another signed onto the bill ...

These are very useful documents when talking to Senators - Fact or Fiction is great for disputing the statistics of the cost ... our Economic impact white paper is also useful when we talk about bringing dollars into the state ... please read and use!

Get in touch with your elected officials!

These are very useful documents when talking to Senators - Fact or Fiction is great for disputing the statistics of the cost ... our Economic impact white paper is also useful when we talk about bringing dollars into the state ...

The Senators Information Book along with the Economic Impact Nebraska Study was distributed to all State Senators ... 

please read and use!

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