Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Bill & Jodi Wessel, ABATE of Nebraska, INC., is proud to announce their SHARE THE ROAD PROGRAM!!

SHARE THE ROAD is a motorcycle awareness program that promotes driver awareness and increases understanding of how motorcycles behave in traffic.  ABATE of Nebraska, Inc. provides trained volunteers to present this program to the public.  We believe that education and training are the best ways to prevent, and thereby reduce, motorcycle/automobile accidents. 

Research shows that three fourths of crashes involving a motorcycle also involves another motor vehicle, which is usually at fault.  Considering crash statistics and the increasing number of motorcyclists, the key to a safer riding mix is learning to SHARE THE ROAD.

Motorcycles are very different from automobiles - they are much smaller in size & are harder to see then automobiles.  The failure of motorists to see motorcyclists in traffic is the most common cause of crashes.  Car drivers who are involved in an accident with a motorcycle often do not see the motorcycle prior to the accident, or until it is too late to avoid having the accident. 

The greatest risk area for a conflict between a motorcycle and a automobile is at an intersection...whether it is in the middle of an urban area, a driveway on a residential street, or anywhere where traffic may cross your path of travel.  Over one half of motorcycle/car accidents are caused by drivers entering a rider's right-of-way.  Cars that turn left in from of motorcyclists, including cars turning left from the lane to the right, and cars on side streets that pull into the motorcyclists lane are the biggest dangers.

The fact remains.....the best way to prevent any accident is through Education, Safety, and Motorcycle Awareness Programs like SHARE THE ROAD. 

What will you do when you see a motorcycle??


Always look TWICE to help SAVE A LIFE.

It could be you....or someone you know.

If you would like more information on the SHARE THE ROAD PROGRAM you can contact our Share The Road officer Damon Wallace at this email


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Left Turn - Left arm straight out from body. Palm Flat. Fingers together

Right Turn - Left arm out and elbow bent. Hand straight up. Palm flat. Fingers together

Stop - Left arm extended straight down, left palm facing back

Single File - Left arm and left hand index finger extended straight up
Double File - Left arm with left hand middle and index fingers extended straight up Fuel - Left arm out to side pointing to tank with finger extended
Refreshment Stop - Left hand fingers closed, tumb out pointed at mouth Highbeam - Tap on top of helmet with left hand open palm down
Comfort Stop - Left forarm extended, fist cleched with short up and down motion. Repeat Follow Me - Left arm extended straight up from shoulder, palm forward
Pull Off - Left arm out, forarm swung toward shoulder or pull off area You Lead/Come - Left arm extended upwards 45, palm forward pointing with index finger, swing in arc from back to front
Speed Up - Left arm extended straight out at side 45, palm facing up, move arm up. Swing in arc down and up. Repeat Hazzard in Roadway - Hazzard on right side, point with right foot at object. Hazzard on left side, point with left hand at object
Turn Signal On - Open and close left hand with fingers and thumb extended Slow Down - Left arm extended straight out at 90, left plam facing down. Move arm down. Swing in arc up to down. Repeat