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From our Lobbyist





Legislative Update

May 17, 2016


Primary Results Good for Governor/GOP –
For Incumbents, Not So Much



A Message from Ron Jensen:

Included with this update are the May 10th Nebraska Primary Election results for members of the Legislature.  Increasingly, I’m treated as the Great Historian around the Legislature, and I was asked by one of “the boys” at breakfast the day after the primary if I could remember a time when a half-dozen incumbent senators ran second…and in one case, third…in the primaries. I answered that I could not specifically remember a primary contest where even two incumbents trailed in their races, though I am certain it has happened. But six? Never.

What’s going on here? Honestly, I’m not certain, but one thing is obvious: It was a big night for Governor Pete Ricketts, who openly campaigned against certain of the incumbents who had not supported him on the death penalty and/or the gasoline tax increase, and also for the Republicans who from here look certain to pick up at least a couple more seats in the 105th Nebraska Legislature.

It’s been said – by me, actually – that politicians and sports writers never fail to over-read any given result, and that’s something worth keeping in mind when one reviews the primary’s results in any given district. While there are two or three districts where the incumbent senator has been whipped so soundly that it appears they almost certainly won’t be back (and obviously Senator Nicole Fox who ran third in her race), some of the other results were quite close. Senator Sue Crawford being a case in point.

As obvious as it was in Nebraska’s primary, and those across the country, that there are some pretty fed up voters out there, primary results in Nebraska legislative contests can and do get turned around in the general. Two examples from the retiring class of the 104th Legislature are Senators Colby Coash and Speaker Galen Hadley. Coash lost his primary by almost two-to-one, and Hadley ran second in his, although not by such a wide margin. Each of them decided that they were in the race to win, rolled up their sleeves and significantly out-worked their opponents, knocking on literally thousands of doors, and it worked. Ironically, they would wind up running against each other for the position of Speaker in the 104th Legislature.

Staying with Senator Crawford as an example, like the other incumbents, she was not turned loose from the 2016 Legislative until two-and-a-half weeks before the primary, restricting her own door-to-door activity to what could be accomplished on weekends. I would expect Crawford – an effective senator and one who knows how to work – to go all-out for the general in an effort to make up for her somewhat low level primary campaign. Now I’m not silly enough to predict the final result in any of these races, though I do feel today that I know how some of them will turn out. But the message here is that choosing the membership of the 105th Legislature won’t be over until it’s over. And that won’t be until around mid-night November 8, 2016. In the meantime, everyone who is not looking at knocking on some thousands of doors between now and them, keep your powder dry and have a great summer.
~ Ron


2016 Primary Election Results

Incumbents are listed in
blue text; and where there are two or more candidates, the leading two are in bold text.







I will be going through the Election results but I wanted everyone to be aware that we did pretty good getting our people through the primaries ... there was 26.52% voter turnout and in all races we were trying to pull a candidate through we did ... of note ... Fox in legislative district 7 whom opposed us last year ... did not make it through the primary ... it was a narrow margin and I would expect a vote recount call from her (10 votes) ... also Johnson whom opposed us last year and had promised us a cloture vote but failed to follow through ... he got a wake up call taking second in the primary ... (I'm afraid his opponent also is against us but aint Karma great)

I do want to thank everyone for the help in getting the word out via FB etc ... I believe it is helping.

we have lots of work to do ... be thinking of ways to get candidates names out there ... this summer ... runs, parades whatever you come up with ... it all helps

I will be asking for you to officially endorse candidates here shortly, we will do this via email as we need to be prepared ... I want to make congratulatory calls to all those we believe are with us and encourage you to do the same ...



Here is how they voted:

voting FOR cloture: (30)

Baker, Bloomfield, Brasch, Chambers, Coash, Davis, Ebke, Fox, Friesen, Garrett, Groene, Harr Burke, Hughes, Kintner, Kolterman, Krist, Kuehn, Larson, Lindstrom, McCoy, Mello, Morfeld, Murante, Scheer, Schilz, Schnoor, Schumacher, Smith, Stinner and Sullivan


no real surprises here except Baker, Fox and Smith were not for the bill but voted for cloture.  They should be thanked... all of them.


voting NO for cloture (17)

Bolz, Cook, Craighead, Crawford, Gloor, Haar, Hadley, Hansen, Hildemann, Howard, Johnson, Kolowski, McCollister, Riepe, Seiler, Watermeier and Williams.


...  of note here is McCollister promised to support the bill all the way...  Craighead and Johnson promised cloture votes....  these 3 would have given us the 33 votes we needed


not present (2)

Pansing-Brooks, Campbell


take note of these as we move forward to the campaigns



I'm sure you are all aware we were killed in cloture...again.  The vote as 30 for and yet we were 3 short ... 3 votes we were promised short...ie we thought we had it.  As usual some did not come through when the final vote was taken...I urge you now to email and thank all the senators that did vote for cloture and thank them.  As soon as the official vote is published I will forward that on...  A special thanks go to Senator Bloomfield and his aid Jessica...without their tireless efforts we would not have come this far...


I thank all of you that worked hard to get this done...and your members...be proud that we again brought a bill to the floor..we will be back.. we will have the website updated on how they voted as well...  again as soon as the official record is posted Connie will get to work on it..


Think of how your senator voted....remember some are leaving...lets get the right people elected!


Todd C. Miller



We are asking for one last push of support, both in state and out of state, to contact Nebraska senators in support of LB 900 ... they need to hear from you that you either support the bill or avoid this state because of the current helmet mandate ... any references to dollars you normally spend in a couple days lodging ... you and or your group would help ... We are very close to the needed 33 votes but as always the Medical Lobby and AAA are working against us and could easily sway a few votes ... your call, email etc may make the difference.  

Senators contact list ... you can click the name and go to each page or use the first initial / last name / @leg.ne.gov for email ie Roy Baker - rbaker@leg.ne.gov


"keep the shiny side up"
Todd C. Miller
State coordinator ABATE of Ne Inc.


LB 900 is out of committee and is waiting to be placed on the agenda (hopefully soon)! Now is when we need your help more than ever. While this may not be your ideal bill, this is the bill that has an excellent chance of getting to the Governor.
We have been working very hard to make sure we keep the votes we had last year and add enough to get us to the 33 mark. The senators need to hear from YOU. They need to hear that YOU SUPPORT LB900 as amended by the committee. They need to hear that YOU SUPPORT ALL ASPECTS of the bill – you know FREEDOM is NOT FREE and you are willing to pay for your freedom.
Senator Bloomfield and Jessica are doing all they can to lock in the votes needed but now IT IS UP TO ALL OF YOU and how bad you want the right to choose if you wear a helmet or not. Contact your senator – thank them for past support and affirm that you hope their support will continue this year; Ask them for their support – we are giving them a brain trust and funding it. Remember support for a cloture vote so we can get an up or down vote on the bill is better than a straight up no.
When you contact your senator – email is a great way! Make sure you keep your comments positive, include your name, where you are from and contact information. If you have friends that are business owners – have them send an email! SENATORS NEED TO HEAR THEIR CONSTITUENTS SUPPORT LB900!

You can find out how to contact your senator and others on this page

Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator ABATE of Ne Inc.


from Sen Dave Bloomfield

LB900 is out of the Transportation Committee and will be debated on the floor of
the Legislature. It is now time for all of us to get to work! I will follow with
more details as time permits. For now, thank God, Jessica Shelburn, Sen. Lydia
Brasch, Sen. Al Davis, Sen. Curt Friesen, Sen Tommy Garrett, Sen. Beau McCoy and
Committee Chairman Sen. Jim Smith. It is time to let freedom ring! PLEASE SHARE
lets get the word out!


Just a friendly Friday update on the bill ... as of now it is back to committee as we discussed the bill needed a technical amendment to clean up some verbiage for the DMV nothing changes just technical cleanup ... that being said Jessica and Senator Bloomfield were able to get that done and it is back to committee ... I would expect an exec session at any time. today and Monday being recess days for the session the earliest it is likely to happen,  would be is Tuesday ...

I again want to reinforce our job now is to sell this bill to our members and all that we know ... as is ... The bill is our best shot at passing something this year and we do not want some club or organization hacking away at one part or another ... amendments may get proposed from outside but we need to be sure they are not coming from within the riding community and only from our opposition ... anything less will just confuse the issues and our fence sitting senators ...

Keep a close eye on the Media ... they have been uncharacteristically quiet ... watch for any polls etc and report back to me or any state officer immediately so we can get the word out ...

Keep the shiny side up

Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator ABATE of Ne Inc



        I want to report there has been very positive feed back from the committee hearing as well as lobby day.   I thank all of you that attended.  We do expect them to exec on this bill next week due to the snow storm and the shut downs ... otherwise it may have happened already.  I will keep you informed as we move forward on what needs to be done next ...

        I would like to say we had some opposition that were from different clubs and organizations which do not usually appear (other riders)... mostly due to the added cost ... I encourage you to continue working to sell this bill as is ...  to those groups ... As we talked about this at the Board Meeting this bill is already a compromise ... it is not perfect but it has the greatest chance of success with the current standing Senators.  We need to keep our other groups from aiding the enemy.  

        Together we can succeed ... Divided you  will surely fail

Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator ABATE of Ne. Inc



update 3/24/2015

First and foremost please take the time now to thank those senators that did support us ... those that stood up for us, this small grass roots organization wanting to be heard ... every senator that stood and spoke on our behalf deserves your thanks, Including our Lobbyist and Senator Bloomfields Aide, Jessica

Several have asked who and how they voted ... here is the official breakdown ...

Do know this some flipped on us that had promised cloture votes and some did not vote at all ... ie we had the votes or thought we did ... as we regroup I want to reiterate one thing ... I have gotten calls / emails etc over the last week from a great many people ... most of which in the discussion it was discovered were not ABATE members ... yet all very concerned about the bill and wanting to know what "we" (ABATE) were doing ... I have to say I'm extremely pissed off by this ... all of these other individuals relying on ABATE to get this done ... all very concerned and all knowing whom to contact to find the answers ... but where were they when we had a chance in the campaigns to keep the Hinkelmann's, Pansing's  etc out of the equation ... why were they silent when they had a real voice and a choice on whom would represent them ?  I hope it upsets you as much as me ... every ABATE member can stand proud knowing you were at least in the fight ... everyone else can ________ (fill in the blank)

How they voted

Voting yes to end the filibuster (24): Bloomfield, Chambers, Coash, Davis, Ebke, Friesen, Groene, Hadley, B. Harr, Hughes, Kintner, Kolterman, Krist, Larson, Lindstrom, McCollister, McCoy, Mello, Scheer, Schilz, Schnoor, Schumacher, Stinner, Sullivan.

Voting no (18): Bolz, Campbell, Craighead, Crawford, Garrett, Gloor, K. Haar, Hansen, Hilkemann, Johnson, Kolowski, Kuehn, Pansing Brooks, Riepe, Seiler, Smith, Watermeier, Williams.

Present not voting (4): Baker, Brasch, Howard, Nordquist.

Excused (3): Cook, Morfeld, Murante.


Here it is yesterday's roundup

Day 3        
Bloomfield opened brief summary of the bill

Senator Smith gave a brief description of the committee amendment … (21 and over with eye protection)

Senator Hilkemann talked about Louisiana … and how after the law was repealed use dropped to 50% and similar trends … with greater number of crashes … (doubled before pre law) and significant reductions after the law was reenacted …  he said safest way to ride a motorcycle is with a helmet …

Senator Larson the opportunity for economic development in rural nebraska … listed several communities would benefit … said to turn it down would be disappointing.   He said we have individuals do circumvent our state and spend money in all the surrounding states. He talked about also the state tax that would be collected … and how much was spent for all motorcycles (atv’s and off road as well) being less than what would be taken in by the state.  Tourism dollars are turned away … the current law sends people away.

Senator Haar he compared air bags to helmets … “let those that drive decide” … and why we don’t require helmets in a car … and it makes sense … cars have a shell … he mentioned on your own property you can drive anyway you want … on the road it is a privilege … we do take away freedoms for all drivers on the road … seatbelts, headlights etc were his comparison. Individual freedom gets limited by society in order to live together …

Senator Hadley talked about wearing a helmet and the amendment … the age restriction .. 21 and over … asked Schumacher if it was problematic to enforce by law enforcement.  

Senator Gloor apologized to Bloomfield for a name mistake … and read an email sent to him from a m/c safety instructor … whom said the operation of a motor vehicle on the highway is the most regulated out there … without these laws it would be more chaotic … advancements have been made in all other vehicles … but not motorcycles … he asked we not give into the small group that wants to not follow the rules … “chief motorcycle safety instructor” … for Nebraska …

Senator Crawford is in opposition … she said on one heard about liberty … on the other side the states interest financial and saving lives … she said most issues are about tradeoffs … but the debate boils down to one or 2 core values … she said the real question is how we balance the issues … she says the gravity of the problem is TBI’s and death … the use of helmets solves the problem … using estimates from NHTSA … (called that evidence) … and the degree of interference of liberty … religious or expressive liberty … etc … she said no … she said this infringes on the rest of us when you crash …

Senator Hilkemann said he has had the freedom to learn to fly … he said he has to report in to the FAA that I am up there … and the FAA has the right to control flight … he has the freedom to ride a bicycle … but the rules say I can ride any road if I stay on the 3 feet … he says you are crazy to ride a bicycle to without a helmet … he said he had motorcycles … and it is your responsibility to wear a helmet … every freedom has responsibilities … we are not hear to take them off the road … (motorcycles) he said if any motorcyclist knew that they would have a crash … they would wear one … he said you wear it just in case … and we have the responsibility to protect the citizens (avoiding medicare and Medicaid)

Senator Bolz … talked about the insurance perspective … her concern that the TBI’s would increase her bill … she said in Michigan that severity inc. … etc … because of these high cost increases so then insurance went up and medical costs went up … she said some with low liability ins. May have to face bankruptcy from hitting one of us …. She said this is protecting the citizens from the insurance perspective … and she does not want to see more bankruptcy claims …

Senator Pansing Brooks in opposition … she brought up the rallies across the country that require helmets … she said the helmet law is not causing a disruption … because our registrations keep increasing … she said we want all people in the state but do not want to assume your risk for coming into our state … she again reiterated the AAA information and that people trailer … and thus will not be a loss to the state … she said mapquest bypasses Nebraska … so less than 10,000 would be brought to us … not an economic issue … she mentioned the gas tax and harley’s having 50 mpg … no gain very little tax revenue …

Senator Schilz he said to truly compare you look at your neighbors … he said to be competitive we should be looking around us … and everyone save one does not have a restrictive helmet law … he said if we could attract some of the surrounding states riders … it adds up to a great deal of money … he says we do not have horse-riding helmet laws … bicycle helmet laws … people want to run their affairs as they see fit … personal responsibility is the key here … lb 31 is the right direction …

Recess till 1:30 pm …

Roll call …

Senator Bloomfield  made a plea to the body … saying he has been chasing a moving goal … others putting different amendment then amendments disappear … such as the brain trust by bolz … or education … just to have the amendments pulled since we were willing to negotiate.  Saying we cannot get to talk because he has been double crossed … said he has reached every goal they have set and the goal still moves … said unfortunately 2 that are not here signed onto the bill and that he asked if they could postpone the vote … and was denied by the speaker …

Senator Gloor said we cannot relate our state to other states around us and that these numbers that bloomfield handed out mean nothing just the ones coming from the CDC and NHTSA … he says he has no idea about other states … (although that is the data he was given) … again reiterated that NHTSA recommends helmet laws … he says facts are clear … (ignoring those from senator bloomfield)

Senator Campbell talked about the emails this weekend and chose to read another one from a registered nurse at Madonna … she said this guy whom was from another state without a helmet law and was transferred to our state … and now is a burden to Nebraska … she said we need to listen to the medical community … they are our voice and we should listen.  She says your costs may get paid for a period of time … but many go to a nursing care facility … and then your resources are depleted and you become a burden to the state.

Senator Crawford also against commented about Bloomfields numbers … said how open he is to listen and respected his work … she took his numbers and looked at the studies … she said that when looking at studies of fatalities and injuries … and she said that alcohol has some bearing as well as speed and vehicle miles driven … and that we have higher speed limits etc … and that is why we are higher not because or not because of the helmet but speed and miles traveled … (discounting all the numbers showing that there is no difference in the statistics from Nebraska to Iowa) she said in looking at iowa … 2014 76% of fatalities were not wearing a helmet … etc … etc … (which has no correlation to whether or not they may have died with or without … )

Senator Groene in favor he said how far are we going to take the nanny state mentality … he talked about how beautiful it is to ride out west … he said if some Omaha and Lincoln counties want to force helmet use on their citizens … go for it … but out west we want to change this law … our tourism group and our citizens want to choose … he said life is dangerous and full of risk … said lets have some common sense … and not madate your neighbors.

Senator Haar debate points out that there is a lot on both sides I’m opposed .. it is a great freedom to ride etc … told some stories about riding … then diverged into how we set rules and that setting rules does not make us a nanny state … every medical division says not to change the law …

Senator Hilkemann said show me one instance where helmets doesn’t save some lives … said nobody has shown him that … he pulled out a consumer reports article saying again Michigan showed rises in health care costs … helmets off  injuries / deaths increase … he said weakening helmet laws create more serious injuries … quoted NHTSA saying helmets can cut fatalities by 37% … quoted a neurologist saying it is insanity to repeal the law …

Senator Bloomfield he passed around a Medicaid information packet … 1 mill is what was spent last year … on cyclists … and he said if we doubled that (twice as many accidents) would not break the state … but denying the personal rights has … and if you do not think we can make that back in tourism you are not being realistic … showed the 43 mill to 1 ration … from cars to bikes … and yet we are not infringing on cars … he said look at the numbers where we live … and those of our neighboring states … the numbers are here showing even if we double our current expenses to 2 million dollars not the estimated amount others have given … he countered Hilkemann about the helmet stats … showing again that Nebraska was higher than our surrounding states … in fatality rates … he begged for the colleagues to look at the actual numbers from here .. refutting the estimates …

Senator Hilkemann he used the data from Bloomfield saying this was wearing helmets … that these less costs than estimated were due to the helmets … ie helmet use caused less fatality … went on to say comparing cars that are more on the road to the cost of motorcycles was apples to oranges … even though the cost form cars is 43 times higher … he went into how we as taxpayers would cover uninsured riders from other states … talked about the vmt … and the stats … supporting nhtsa … and the per miles traveled.  He went on again to talk about the NHTSA recommendations.

Senator Kolowski stood in opposition … he said as he walked his campaigns and met with several that had motorcycles … and found it to be a good talking point … and the individual would talk about the helmet law … he said 98% of the time you are ok … it’s the 2% I worry about … went on to talk about a first responder view (his brother) and horrifying it was … need a shovel, rake and a mop … to clean up the accident … he talked about telling the families and how you don’t want that job …

Senator Bolz … talked about the university brain center … talked about kids and development of the brain … and it has 25% of the blood in the system … she went on to define sections of the brain … etc … and said it is the most important part … she brought up her bringing up her brain trust bill and decided to pull it … gave no reason other than she thought it should be brought up on its own …

Senator Crawford … again in opposition to the committee amendment saying that it was not enforceable … the 21 and over view … (though it is no different than deciding if someone is driving under a learners permit or a license)… and that it was an extra burden … profiling etc …

Senator Ebke rising in support … life is full of risks … adults should assess those risks and decide whether to take them … said we can certainly argue that bicyclists should have to wear a helmet if we are going to not repeal this law … skydiving as well … she said it is not just Sturgis … it is also about those here in Nebraska staying in Nebraska … people run out of her district to Kansas to ride …

Senator Bloomfield said we have heard this deal how would we know 21 ?? same difference when we look at a 16 yr old … we are grasping at straws …

Senator Hansen … talked about rights and responsibilities said you can now drive / ride on private land … can do what you want … but on public ground we can regulate … including the safety mechanisms …  talked about the accidents in home and discounted those arguments in the privacy of your home … went on to talk about the numbers from bloomfield comparing Medicaid expenses being 43 times higher in cars … he said we have 15 times more driver licenses in this state and a car may have more passengers … and that is the difference …  he says we can decide on what level of safety to require …

Senator Pansing brooks in opposition asked senator bloomfield why did he pass out the sheet for motorcycle victims … saying the cost though there are more costs per car rider … she asked if this was to prove that cars are safer … she said the cost to motorcycle victims was double that of the cars … but his response is the point … to refute the estimated costs of Medicaid … she went on to talk about the cdc’s recommendation for universal helmet laws …

Senator Haar … said he could think of many things that would bring more money into the state other than getting rid of helmets … he said lets look at any drug you want … and called out a drug that was used for morning sickness , cancer etc … and there was much pressure about the drug … not fda approved … sold in Germany … then infants were born without limbs etc … (really did not get the correlation to helmet use … )

Senator Garrett went on to quote … you guessed it _____(thank God he is not an Abate member) … directly from one of his late night emails … but again proves what we said … its easy to move a maybe senator to an avid spokesman for the opposition …

Senator Bloomfield closed for cloture vote … and you know the outcome … the bill for now is resting … we are making plans as I write this … but the dust needs to settle … stay tuned.


from our lobbyist....Well guys we fell short again.

2 of our supporters were gone today which didn't help. It should be known that Senators Larson and Coash helped us quite a bit the past few days by working some trades. In the end we had 24 votes today to move forward.

We can run down the vote count another day when the dust settles but there were 4 votes for cloture that didn't come through like they had promised. As always, it's just us working against about 10 lobbied organizations. It won't matter how many numbers we throw at them, theirs are more scary and just often insurmountable.

I'm just as frustrated as you are and I wish I could have gotten it done for you this session.


update 3/21/2015

ok as promised here is fridays's day 2 of debate rundown ...

 keep the faith and get busy this weekend ....

 Second day debate lb 31:

Senator Bloomfield opens … short summary of his bill …

Senator Smith outlines the amendment of over 21 with eye protection …

Senator Baker add 870 amendment …  talked about his sister who worked in trauma unit at Madonna … said he promised  his constituents if he thought the bill did not have enough votes he would add this amendment which in essence allows the riders to operate in “parade” circumstances only … this was an attempt to help us in his own way …

Senator Krist … got up said he had changed his mind and would support the over 21 amendment and support the bill  in general …

Senator Gloor stood in opposition thanked senator “doctor” Hilkemann for his leadership against and him having a professional point of view … he attempted to discredit the economic impact of Sturgis and the use of trailers that come through our state … despite the helmet law.  He said how excited the hospital staff would be to have this added charity care if we repeal the helmet law. He reviewed the past votes and the motions to invoke cloture before … where he stated that this basically is a effort in futility … that the votes are not there…  he said the bracket motion made that clear.

Senator   Haar …  said he had till he was 50 … and loved it but had an accident … and because of that accident he will not support … (some woman went through a yield sign and broadsided him) he believes the helmet saved his life … will not support the bill … and its his job to protect people… he related forcing carbon monoxide detectors in new homes … to protecting via a helmet law … He admitted he did not study the bill … he discounted the money issue that we will help those in need … and will not change his mind.

Senator Hilkemann … went off on people not pronouncing his name correctly … he said Hill caw mun … he seemed pretty miffed … and wanted to enlighten the senators … continued on many names … and pronunciation … people actually elected him … did not talk about the bill or the amendment at all till his last minute and said lets get serious … and used the John Hopkins University and their study (for his last minute) he said evidence “suggests” that helmet laws save lives … notice that term … directly from the study … said his conversation will be fact based …

Senator Groene … he said he will call Hilkeman the senator from district 4  so he does not pronounce it right … LOL … he went to repeat and summarize points about govt. is not to protect citizens from themselves … he said what is driving up insurance costs is Obamacare … and those going to medicaide is gone since lifetime limits are gone on insurance … that argument is gone … said instead of Nebraska the nice … Nebraska the nanny state … freedom is freedom … his tourism bureau asked him to support and he will continue to support.  In my occupation I travel … I see what the helmet law does to us … he sees bikes everywhere across the state line …

Senator  Sullivan … talked about the history of helmet laws and the federal mandates … if we were to adopt the amendment we would be part of 28 states and thinks she can support  … said she is listening and in support of the amendments …

Senator McCoy .. rose in support yielding his time to murante …

Senator Murante … he says that as you know we are in a filibuster … talked about the need for compromise … and coming together to move forward … and has been patient … talked about his bill stuck in committee … opened the Omaha world herald … to find out that some things have been ignored … and all his work and those of others on the floor … World herald announcement against his efforts was a slap in the face …

Senator Gloor … asked baker to yield for a question … he asked him to read his amendment … ie use up the time … asked if anyone could have a parade … ie any event be a parade without a helmet … said no it would need to be approved by the local area … he was asked a few more questions …  gloor said he did not think he could support the amendment.

Senator Bolz asked some more questions to Senator Baker … asked why 30 mph … said that the speed is safer … but said that the protection of the brain is not dictated by the speed … and why this amendment states the 21 age … he said the whole purpose was to give his constituents something … if the helmet bill would fail … she stated she thought this was a loophole … and brain development extends to 25 and was of the mind that this is a more relevant age to “protect” the brain … she proposed if we are going to use an age it should be 25 … as a taxpayer she says that brain development for “children” is important … impying I guess we are children to 25?

Senator Hilkemann .. questioned Baker again about his parade amendment … he said it is hard for him to understand how they will be in the parade without the helmet … “how will they get to the parade” helmets are rather large … where will they put it … he also stated just because it is not going fast it can still fall … afraid it will cause confusion … Baker said it is all a matter of relativity … Hilkemann countered you never need those protective devices … and that there would be no argument from any motorcyclist knew they were going to have an accident they would wear a helmet that day …

Senator Bloomfield … he said this extended debate is not of my making … opposition states we do not need to keep talking lets take a vote … he is tired of chasing a moving goal post …. I’ve reached out and worked to get this resolved … and as he made compromises others have renigged on the amendments … called out bolz … who put an amendment to fund the brain trust … then senator bolz removed the amendment when we said we would accept that … he said the opposition is not willing to negotiate at all … asked what will it take … we simply ask to let this segment of people not have the long arm of the govt. tell them how to live … we have not outlawed cigarettes … and wont … he said there is no limit to the hunger of govt. to control its people … and it is not right.

Senator Campbell  said she appreciates the different views surrounding this bill … and admitted she will talk several more times … she says we all get personal stories … and the reason we bring those to the floor is to give them a voice … she thanked senator “hill caw men “…. She pointed out a packet of coalition members opposing lb 31 and all the medical facilities and associations that want to keep the helmet law in place … she says they have seen what happened … and should be heard … they care for us.  The last page says other states have proven that helmet laws do not bring in tourism … subtitled other major bike rallies in the us … pointed out some were within helmet law states …

Senator Schumacher … he ran a search on the statutes … for parades … and read that a parade across the state is entirely possible with no outline … ie the state would have to overcome some burden he said if he voted for it … he would vote for it with the intent a parade could happen across the state … he said most head injuries come from falls … and should look at helmets from falls … said its ridiculous and we won’t pass it because it affects us all …. Said the minority is the biker … and we are picking on them because they are … he said he believes there is an experimental way to see this issue “a helmet holiday” … suspend the current law for 5 years and see … then let that future legislature make that decision based on those facts … documented … not an initial fluke … he filed that amendment.

Senator Gloor … he passed out some motorcycle information and hopes that you look at it … he said all the old data from nhtsa that they publish on their site … showed hospital costs went down after Nebraska instituted the law … ie saying we have history that the helmet law works … said all states have increased fatality rates that have repealed the law … and touted some poll (which we have never heard of …)  showing Nebraskan’s do not want to change the law … that we are singled out for good reason …

Senator Johnson said he did not plan to talk on it but the parade struck him … spoke from experience … about current parade permits … he thinks all the time if he can get on board with helmet repeal … he said he thinks the amendments do help … he related an experience of risk and just not sure … trying to be in support but is from the standpoint of safety and cost just not sure … but wavering toward not support.

Senator haar … wore helmet and leathers … reiterated his past accident … going slow and not in favor of the amendments …  said drivers do not see motorcycles and you have to be defensive … and he believes that means wearing a helmet … said governor’s highway safety association wants to encourage helmet use … and every state have them … said 19 states still have them … and read the states … said Mississippi … there is a nanny state for ya … etc … he said they are exhibiting appropriate leadership …

Senator Krist … called question to cease debate … it passed so debate on the parade bill ceased

Senator Baker … closed on his amendment and said this is something is better than nothing please support the amendment.

Vote … 21 voted against on 6 in favor … amendment died … debate returns to the bill and the amendment

Senator Hilkemann  … talked about the moratorium and said we already have the history we do not need to go back … talked about a study in one Florida county …. Showing the effects of the repeal … was a 5 yr. study … Said 1 people used helmets less … (with a choice) and they showed higher fatality and head injuries … conclusions from johns hopkins …                    

Senator Campbell … shared a story … similar doom and gloom we have heard … from a nurse … again touted the studies from nhtsa …

Senator Bolz talked about the idea that we have tried this before in the 80’s … and said history proves out …. Of course she left off the idea that the number of registered bikes / riders dropped after the helmet law was instated … talked then about the crashes from 2012 and the costs to the state …. These were all helmeted riders …. She continued to talk about the cost in dollars to the hospitals …

Senator Hilkemann asked to add another amendment … 939 striking section 1 … he said it would change the original bill … but seemed lost on how … said to read it …

Senator Kintner said he ran his campaign on the fact he would not support any bills that would take away individual freedom …  talked about all this talk about doctors and taking their advice … that why would you go to a doctor for this advice … says let’s just repeal this law …

Senator Gloor talked again about a packet from hilkemann … countering our arguments on lb 31 … of course this again is the known flawed data from NHTSA  which does not address the number of registerd motorcycles … 3x more likely to die … etc … but then goes on to say that the current increase to fatalities with the law is because of the increase in registered motorcycles … ?? double standard …

Senator Hilkemann he said when you buy a motorcycle in Nebraska you know you have to buy a helmet and the folks are willing to do that even though we know we have to wear a helmet … he went on to say he did some studies on that … and said one survey from the Sturgis rally said that 70% trailer their bikes … he says there are no good roads to Sturgis ?  anyone remember traveling highway 2 to Sturgis turning north through custer ? ….

Senator Riepe … had an email in front of him from a constituent that wanted him to be on board with lb 31 … he said he made an unscientific survey during his campaign that most wanted the choice but would wear a helmet … his concern was identifying a 21 yr old going down the interstate … he said he made rounds with a surgeon on patients going to long term care … he said summer riding season was organ donor season to the hospital community … he says he is concerned about the growing expense of Medicaid … he said this is a responsibility issue … to the taxpayer … yielded to gloor …

Senator Gloor thanked senator riepe for joining him in the “elite” class of health care professionals on the floor and hopes people will listen to him …

Senator Ebke she said she has been pondering the issue … her question was do we 49 senators have the right to decide for the rest of the state … have our constituents elected us to run their lives ?  I do believe someone should wear a helmet … I think people should not smoke too … and drinking to excess is bad too … along with driving a car is dangerous … etc … talked about all the risky activites all people do … let our citizens know the risk … and let adults make their own decisions … yielded to senator bloomfield

Senator Bloomfield he had the dmv data from Nebraska … he showed from that data … showed that iowa with no helmet law has .2 fewer injuries than Nebraska with a helmet … talked about the helmet I brought him to the office for them to try on … and said the accident that had happened was because he could not see … urged them to try it on …

Senator Haar … again mentioned his accident … and said in terms of how Nebraskan’s feel … 970 Nebraskan’s were polled and 71 % said they should keep the law … (this is why we fight these polls) this one done by some group was most likely their group …. Similar the the AAA study done on AAA members … again stated he will oppose … had a recent report form 2014 Nebraska … health and human services the department of motor vehicles … said when you are on a highway or roadway you affect other people period … he talked about how many deaths with a helmet law were due to a head injury … again these were wearing helmets …

Senator Hansen he said there is one issue he needs to address … said the supporters are standing up for the rights of a minority … and the rights of a minority can be easily infringed … he agrees with that idea … talked about a few other bills addressing minorities … he said motorcycle helmets however is a different issue … driving is a privilege … we impose tests and requirements … the state has the ability to regulate who and how you drive … he touted a supreme court case in Nebraska that was rejected … to remove the helmet law … that it did not infringe on individual freedom …

Senator Campbell yielded time to pansing

Senator Pansing  brooks … excited about the freedom of choice issue but … touted some 1991 studies showing helmet usage … and how it fell off for states that had choice … talked about lower fatality rates … again not comparing them to motorcycle registrations … said there is mounting data nationally … read off cdc data etc … and talked about the “estimated” cost to society … and estimated savings … to Nebraska.  The cost to our state budget … she quoted a doctor that said the right to choose ends at my wallet …

Senator Gloor … he said we are the representative of govt. it is our job to make decisions for our constituents … and far too many don’t vote … and we don’t always know better than they do … but we represent them … he said we have far more information than our constituents do … to make a better decision.  He said we should not defer to nebraskans every time we make a decision …

Senator Chambers … he kintner inspired him to speak … questioned him on his statements … he proceeded to question kintner on the state should not protect citizens from themselves and would like to repeal  all … he called him out when they are both on the same side …

Senator   Hilkemann talked about flying … and pilot error … he said more times than not the motorcycle in contrast is in the right … but dead right … he said he almost hit a motorcyclist he did not see … it would not have been his fault … and that is why we do have to protect each other … this is one way we can ”let” people enjoy riding a motorcycle … but make them safer from other people… there are 2 kinds of riders those that have fallen and those that will fall …

Senator Pansing Brooks … stood again in opposition of lb 31 … she heard from a friend in a hospital who  said give a motorcycle to a teenager for his / her last birthday (impying they will die )… yielded to chambers

Senator Chambers talked about teaching the body … specifically Senator Kintner … and that we all need to learn from each other … about listening to his colleagues … he said it is his job to make everyone here think … and think before they speak …

Senator Bloomfield … said it is near the end of the day … he said the economic impact of a few more bikes on the small towns … they just may stay open … yeah we talk about the big events but … just the few could be beneficial … and that we could have our own event in Nebraska … asked if there could be a rally at lake mcconnahay  to senator Schilz … … that might bring in a good deal of income he said there is an atv deal for a weekend that has grown significantly in the past few years and he would agree this would add tourism to our state … he said he hears it all the time … people would ride through if we did not have a helmet law … said the perception is that motorcyclists feel they are not welcome here. Senator Bloomfield proceeded to talk about the little towns again and the economic benefit that is lost …

Senator Chambers open to bracket the bill to june 5th and asked to pull that amendment … this was to speak again … he said her personally to ride without a helmet makes someone a fool but … constitutionally there is nothing we can do to stop them … he will vote for the bill but told the senators he would not speak on it … now he says he needs to speak … to call out senators for their actions … as always he pulled no punches … he has a wealth of knowledge it is good to have him on our side.

Senator Bolz she said her points have been made and deferred her time to Senator Chambers

Senator Chambers stated again he will support this bill and voted against the bracket motion and said Kintner was the one that inspired him to speak … he said he does believe in some circumstances a helmet can make a difference between life and death … and he says he knows there are many risky behaviors that are legal … and they do not need to compare them … he says if someone is legally riding we should not interfere with their use of the highways … he said he does not wear a seat belt … and would not blame anyone for his choice … said we as a body should vote in favor of repealing this law …

Senator smith move to adjourn … … motion passes …

 And get ready for round 3 … hope you are all calling your senators and specifically those we have sent you in the outline. 

"keep the shiny side up"


 Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator ABATE of Ne, Inc.


update 3/20/2015

Board members, officers etc ...


            We have come a long way thus far and there is no time to stop ... what you have been tasked with is the list of senators keep the phone calls and emails coming .... business owners members and joe and the coffee shop ... remember this will all happen monday so do not put this off ... it has to happen this weekend !!!


List of unsure senators :

Senator                         District         Capitol Phone         Room                 City                        ABATE dist
Baker, Roy E.                 30                 (402) 471-2620         1522                 Lincoln                        2
Brasch, Lydia                 16                 (402) 471-2728         1016                 Bancroft                         5
Garrett, Tommy L.                 3                 (402) 471-2627         1208                 Bellevue                6
Kuehn, John L.                 38                 (402) 471-2732         1117                 Heartwell                3
Lindstrom, Brett                 18                 (402) 471-2618         1202                 Omaha                6
Nordquist, Jeremy                 7                (402) 471-2721         2004                 Omaha                6
Riepe, Merv                         12                 (402) 471-2623         1528                 Ralston                6
Stinner, John P.                 48                 (402) 471-2802         1406                 Gering                        10
Williams, Matt                 36                 (402) 471-2642         2015                 Gothenburg                3
Craighead, Joni                 6                 (402) 471-2714         1529                 Omaha                   6

Watermeier, Dan       1                      (402) 471-2733           2000                Syracuse

Johnson, Jerry          23                    (402) 471-2719           1022                Wahoo

McCollister, John S. 20                    (402) 471-2622          1017                Omaha

Smith, Jim                  14                    (402) 471-2730           1110                Papillion


Remember, please keep all emails positive thank senators like Garrett, Brasch, Craighead and McCollister for not voting to bracket the bill.

You can email the senators by using first initial last name @leg.ne.gov ... (ex rbaker@leg.ne.gov)

A complete list of all senators is on the abateofne.com website ... I welcome you to make your voice heard to your senator even if it is not listed here .... I guarantee the opposition is contacting them as well ....


if anyone offers up a cloture vote or vote on the bill ... let me know immediately!


Use this weekend wisely ... i know it is planned to be fantastic riding weather ... get out talk to people now ... take a laptop with you if you must but do not let someone tell you they will do it later .... do it now! ... all emails and phone calls must be in the office before start of session monday ...


"keep the shiny side up"



Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator ABATE of Ne, Inc.



updates from 3/20/2015

Watch for polls especially ... they are likely to crop up ... opposition is desperate and we may have some delays ahead ... will keep everyone posted as i know more ...

Stay tuned for more information / calls to action coming soon ... we expected delays etc ...

the bill is still alive and well

Watch the media and stay focused ... keep up the work getting the word out to your district ... emails / calls are still needed ...

Will have a rundown of todays events by tomorrow am ...


Ok ... sorry to keep after this one ... we need lydia on board ... even if she will not support we need the cloture vote so hammering away (no pun intended mike) at her is critical right now ... I encourage everyone to get on this ...

Senator Brasch ... lbrasch@leg.ne.gov ... 402.471.2728

updates from 3/19/2015


ok here is the synopsis of today .... post read and spread ...


First day of debate

Senator bloomfield opened on lb31 … he talked about all the states around us have one except Missouri and no state that has repealed the law has reinstated the law.  He spoke of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He spoke that by law tells us that as senators if you vote no to the 97000 motorcyclists in the state you are saying you know better than they do …. He urged the body to restore our rights.  He spoke that many have served our country in the military and that they earned the right to choose.

He ended with this quote

“government exists to protect us from each other, where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves”

Ronald Reagan

Senator Smith opened on the amendment … to add 21 and over and the eye protection provisions.

Senator Krist – spoke of personal freedoms …  he stated he had friends that leave the state to ride … sent home the idea freedom of choice … a freedom to choose and what I fought for my entire time in the military … does not like the amendment because the age of majority is 19 in Nebraska … where did 21 come from.

Senator schnoor – rode all his life … was in the military … helmets save a few lives but he looks at it as a personal choice … that at interstate speeds no helmet will save ya … he does like the amendment

Senator Campbell – talked how she is opposed and has been opposed … she was on the transportation committee … and spoke of how concerned she was since those days … she used the editorial from the Omaha world herald showing the newspapers stance … and talked about the health care costs for life long brain injuries … the typical garbage we heard at the committee hearing … and said how rare it was covered by insurance … saying because of this it is a societal issue … not about choice but the health of Nebraskans and the tremendous cost ….

Senator Gloor – said he has worked in health care all his life … and a medic in the military … said this is a societal responsibility … always an issue of cost to the state … he says this is a health care cost issue … he does not think it is a huge infringement because helmet laws are proven to be effective …  this has never been successfully repealed … he says it has failed with only 25 in favor … (that is a majority of the house) … but not enough for cloture … he urged they not spend too much time on it and move on … because it historically has failed.

Senator Bloomfield – he said he wrote 2 amendments one for 19 and one for 21 … the committee picked 21 … he is ok with it (rebuttal to krist not in support) he talked about a bill that would allow a person to be governor at 18 … make decisions etc … but that we are saying these people cannot decide until 21? … asked them to think about that … he then proceeded to hold up the stack of some 300 plus out of state emails that stated they would not ride in the state with the current law. (thank you out of state support)

He talked about 47% of tbi’s is from unintentional falls … should we make people wear helmets in the home? Are we going to fail to give freedom back because we are afraid what might happen?  It is an infringement on individual rights … thanked the committee for the amendment and said he did support.

Senator Bolz … my opposition is dollar and cents … she claimed the journal of medicine said 41% of motorcycle accident victims did not have insurance … to her it is all about the fiscal note … she stated we should not pass policy to promote extra insurance costs.  She had instances she listed off none of which had anything to do with motorcycle accidents … but how they were seeking benefits from the state … she said tbi’s have a significant cost to the state … and motorcycles are risky and will cause all of our insurance to go up … she stated the time it was repealed years ago that costs in the hospital went up 38% …  again all her doom and gloom was estimated… and she said it will cost us so much in quality of life and money…

Senator Larson – he is for the bill .. he stated how he believes in the concept of persona freedom .. government is there eto protect citizen from each other … he state that the ones not wearing the helmet are more likely not to survive and cost money … but the ones wearing helmets were likely to cost the state cash … he asked for Campbell to respond to that … Campbell could not directly respond and used florida as a response … he also asked if there was a lifetime limit as well as the yearly limits … lol … she state they were removed … ie insurance limits etc do not exist now … including rehabilitative etc. he stated that the policy would cover Campbell tried to say but … at some point it would not cover … though she stammered a ton … go Tyson Larson!

Senator Hilkemann – he is opposed … he had 2 bikes ... and a pilot .. his wife was happy when he sold them he rides bicycles now … and would never think to ride without a helmet period … or flying without preflight check .. (but he did not wear a helmet … LOL) … he says there is a price to pay for the sports we involve ourselves in … compared seatbelts to helmets … again … he is a health care practitioner … talked about head injuries etc … he is a podiatrist … he says helmets are not perfect but they certainly save lives … he said falls are the most injuries … and they are the elderly and people do dumb things … a rebuttal to bloomfield to living in the home to a “high risk sport” ….

Senator Garrett – he said he voted it out of committee but cannot support it … as far as freedom of choice he said give me a break … lets get rid of the seat belt law and throw our kids in the back seat … he was in air force … casualty officer … to notify family members … he said it was the worst job and he guarantees that the number of fatalities will increase … and more will die … guaranteed … and more tbi’s  talked about guys dying from falling over on a bike … he stated that motorcycles are too dangerous and he rides … asked the body if they want to go with the sherriff to notify familes … vote for repeal and you have blood on your hands … people will die … claimed every fatality someone was not wearing a seatbelt …. He said fine let them ride around our state ..…

Senator Campbell against us … returns to the media article from the herald … quoted a nhtsa study on states that adopted the under 21 … that age specific rules don’t work … helmet use for the under 21 group fell … used texas, florida and Oklahoma… so she is using people that broke the law to enforce the law …. ??? again using numbers of total deaths … she quoted stats … no correlation to the increased number of bikers in these states.  She rebutted senator Larson … saying that sooner or later the resources run out … and you are on medicaide … that the health ins would cover you …

Senator Gloor – opposed … talked about the argument that take away the helmet let them die basically … he said that most accidents and deaths happen in town … at low speeds … told a story about a m/c accident … on a military base … a german without a helmet … was not bruised or scraped … but unconscious … with soft ground … with a rabbit bounding around … he explained that the bunny was the pet of the rider … and was uninjured … he said the rider died of head injuries … but did not injure the rabbit … ??? so rabbit survived and human died … not sure what that story has to do with keeping the helmet law ….

Senator Schnoor – talked about how the cars had so many more accidents from cars not bikes 15000 were Medicaid eligible … bikes were 33 Medicaid eligible … and though it was a lot of money … the comparison is low … said this is not significant … and that if we have an accident out of state … guess what the biker comes home and paid from within the state.

Senator Pansing Brooks – opposed … said that the Midwest surgical assoc. had a study on Michigan … and said we will all have blood on our hands … article said after repeal … highly negative ramifications … non helmeted riders spent more time in icu and much higher costs … talked about hospitals … and the cost to them … how it all increased with the repeal … she said our state does not have the funds to allow this bill …

Senator Larson  who is for the bill … said again this is an issue of personal choice … and how he disagrees with the seatbelt law … he said elderly will end up in homes and on Medicaid and whether you agree with aca or not the removal of lifetime limits … will prevent them from coming on Medicaid … and how inflated the stats are because they include atv’s etc …. And 33 from the last year were eligible for Medicaid and the total spending was just over 1 million dollars … he said he would choose to wear a helmet but does not agree to the law … he said under this logic we should look at horse accidents etc … and enforce helmets …

Senator Schumacher … talked about tbi’s said 48 billion was spent on but he said motorcycles were a small percent and falls leading the way … he said we maybe should wear helmets everywhere... he said we are picking on motorcycle riders … asked why we don’t have a law to make people ride bicycles wear helmets and cars … because it infringes on liberties of the masses … not the minority … he said the acceptance of risk is important … and our economic viability is at stake …

Senator Kintner  … for the bill … he said we don’t have a majority of people that respects the rights of the individual … we have a mentality that we cannot allow any risks … he says he is the guy trying to stop bad legislation … he said the stuff that gets mixed in with freedom muddies the waters … to confuse things … he stands square to protect your rights … he says we created the welfare state and now we have to take liberties to protect it


Senator Larson  … again supportive … talked about Michigan study … and pansing brooks he refuted her study saying most were wearing a helmet but riding illegally … says we need to see the whole story not just the one sided stat…

Senator Bolz – opposing … she asked senator bloomfield if she should drive a truck down highway 2 without a cdl … not sure what her point was …. She claimed people have certain skill sets … ??? she says the placards saying you have hazardous materials is similar to wearing helmets ??? wow …she then asked senator Larson about hunting … she says her family hunts … Larson says he does not … she brought up the statute to wear hunter orange while hunting … so using a firearm  is akin to riding a motorcycle ??? so warning others about a hazard like she says … hunter orange or hazard materials is the same as wearing a helmet …. What am I warning people about by wearing a helmet?


Senator  Riepe – in opposition … says he is big fan of freedom … but cannot support ….

Senator Gloor .. opposition … talked about the star herald in Nebraska .. seemed a push to get stinner to come on board … said extreme sports strap on helmets etc … and disregarded the tourism issue … pushed the idea an insurance amendment ..  said responsible lawmakers should do this and that all organized sports have helmet laws … and this should be settled … ie not brought up again …


Senator pansing brooks opposed … she tried to refute the 33 motorcycle riders and the long term care … but again did not say … but assume … refuted senator shumacher and the acceptance of risk … she says we cannot tell our citizens they can do whatever they want and assume the risk … and it is our responsibility as senators … she said difference between bicycles and motorcyles is apples and oranges … she said we need to allow children to be children ie no helmet law for bicycles … but …. I guess adults are not allowed to make sound decisions in her eyes …  claims to be in favor of freedom but the money needs to be prioritized … encouraged senators to visit Madonna rehab … to see horrific effects of brain injury …

Senator Campbell … opposed … she talked about a packet of info … stats … she said 1% of licensed motorcycle rider in Nebraska are under 21 …. She is disappointed that this amendment does not allow for kids are allowed to ride … she wants to disallow kids from riding and mentioned a 4 yr old on the back of the bike and was “disturbing”…

Senator Larson  … he talked about economics and countered the scotts bluff herald article … and the past senators that supported … talked about the number of people that circumvent the state … and he did simple math about 40 dollars spent coming and going and that it equaled 4 million to the state … outside dollars … he said they were true dollars … that were very important to the state … he said we are missing millions but it will come back to us … he said we are missing the positive fiscal note …

Senator Bloomfield … he said we spend 100 per day min .. at 100000 through the state … we could get some serious economic improvement … by this law we say go around us … we are too good for you … spend it in iowa… he then read some emails … from out of state … ( thanks again ) …

Senator Hilkeman moved to bracket the bill .. which would delay the bill till june 5 … end of session … claimed he spent a lifetime with brain injuries …. Talked about his son wanting to get a bike at 25 but recommended a helmet …  basically said if you do not have a family you can get a bike … and  be irresponsible … but once you have kids and a family you need to get rid of the bike … said there is no data that a helmet does not save lives… says riding is a sport  … not a means of transportation …

Senator murante … support  and against bracket … said go to Madonna .. told story of police pursuit of accident where his family member was no longer able to help them selves … yet he believes in lb 31 he said it is dangerous logic to  regulate behavior that may result in state benefits … any activity could do this … we need to do the best good for the most … protecting people from themselves is beyond our scope … urged to vote against bracket

Senator krist … for the bill … opposing the bracket … wants everyone to vote .. heard no new issues .. you may be for or against but lets just vote … do not filibuster just vote … talked about communication devices that distracted driving causes lost lives … comparing seat belts to helmets I s a fallacy .. seatbelts are there to make air bags work…

Senator Hilkemann … opposed … time to bracket the bill … he stated we need this law and do not change it .. why bother .. 3 x more effective he says .. he said 50% less usage if repealed … and to him that was more deaths … does not see why not vote and stop discussion …

Senator groene … is for the law … talked about choice … he made some great argument s where do we stop … how do we legislate … excellent arguments … he said freedom has a price … but we cannot stop it … elderly people fall at what  age do we tell them to wear  a helmet …

Senator schilz … he said we do not understand how important this bill is … and how it affects the western side of the state … he believes people should choose for themselves… says it’s a bigger impact than you can imagine …

Senator pansing brooks … opposed … tried to say historically fatalities go up for states that remove the law … no mention of increased riders .. all assumptions … her point was the state takes care of brain injuries .. and this will add to it

Senator Larson .. for the bill … said the state needs to respond if there is an issue … the state responds when schools are failing … so parents cannot choose … he said we spent less than the expected revenue … from last year … said tell the whole story … say the true economics …

Senator bloomfield in opposition  of the bracket motion … called out the senators … as long as there are 97 000 bikers out there this will never be a settled issue … a committee member said we could not handle the influx of people … wow … he said the influx far outweighs the potential cost …

Said bracket is incomprehensible … let the whole body discuss … how many were in the body  last term…


Senator kintner … speaking on government telling you how to live your life … and disagrees …

Senator gloor … shall debate cease … .. debate does cease ...

Hilkemann closes .. for the bracket …

We won thebracket .. with only 19 voting to bracket the bill we win to keep debate on the amendment tomorrow ….



Todd c miller

State coordinator abate of ne inc



Ok I need to add senator Mcollister to our list ....


McCollister, John S. 20 (402) 471-2622 1017 Omaha


dont let up now people ... that was just round one of a long battle ... these senators need to keep hearing from you


Senator Brasch does not seem to want to come around ... need more in her district to get on her ... make her understand she is there to represent you ... Lindstrom the same way


we need to keep up the pressure from within the districts ... if you cannot call email ...


"keep the shiny side up"



Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator ABATE of Ne, Inc.





Well seems we are making a splash ... and the powers that be have rearranged the schedule again!

We will be first up for the debate again tomorrow am ... so keep the emails calls coming ... I will update on particulars as i find them out ... there will be news yet tonight.

Of note ... on Senator Stinner it was recommended that you email the senator directly ... phone calls may be fielded by his aide ... whom is not in favor of repeal.

Stay tuned!




Ok several have been asking me questions on what a bracket motion is ... it is a motion to delay a bill ... sometimes indefinately ... and often means the killing of a bill

Our opponents tried to bracket it till the end of the session ... to cease debate and postpone it till later june 5 which is the last day of the session this year ... they failed ... so first round goes to us ...

The battle will wage on ...

This was provided earlier but sending it again ... and can be found on the legislative website as well ...



Even the straight up no's need to hear from us ... if all they ever hear from is the coalition against us

Hospital association and the first responders etc ... then they will never be open to amendments that may turn the tide ...

It is extremely important nobody goes the course of no contact because they are historically against ... you may not convince them but an amendment may sound reasonable if their constituents are pushing them to change their minds ... (some middle ground)



these Senators are needing encouragment! 

List of unsure senators :

Senator                         District         Capitol Phone         Room                 City                        ABATE dist
Baker, Roy E.                 30                 (402) 471-2620         1522                 Lincoln                        2
Brasch, Lydia                 16                 (402) 471-2728         1016                 Bancroft               5
Garrett, Tommy L.                 3                 (402) 471-2627         1208                 Bellevue                6
Kuehn, John L.                 38                 (402) 471-2732         1117                 Heartwell                3
Lindstrom, Brett                 18                 (402) 471-2618         1202                 Omaha                6
Nordquist, Jeremy                 7                (402) 471-2721         2004                 Omaha                6
Pansing Brooks, Patty         28                 (402) 471-2633         1523                 Lincoln                        2
Riepe, Merv                         12                 (402) 471-2623         1528                 Ralston                6
Stinner, John P.                 48                 (402) 471-2802         1406                 Gering                        10
Williams, Matt                 36                 (402) 471-2642         2015                 Gothenburg                3
Craighead, Joni                 6                 (402) 471-2714         1529                 Omaha                6

Some of these will not support but they still need to hear from you ... they are your representatives:

Hansen, Matt                         26                 (402) 471-2610         1404                 Lincoln                        2
Bolz, Kate                         29                 (402) 471-2734         1120                 Lincoln                        2
Hilkemann, Robert                 4                 (402) 471-2621         1115                 Omaha                6

You can email the senators by using first initial last name @leg.ne.gov ... (ex rbaker@leg.ne.gov)

A complete list of all senators is on the abateofne.com website ... I welcome you to make your voice heard to your senator even if it is not listed here ... I guarantee the opposition is contacting them as well ...


I was just down at the capital dropping off almost 300 emails we received from
the out of state riders that avoid Nebraska... great job to all of those who got
the word out!
In talking with Jessica - she thought that a couple more Senators could use some
encouragement from their constituents:
Senator Joni Craighead - Legislative District 6 - 402-471-2714
Senator Matt Hansen - Legislative District 28 (Lincoln) - 402-471-2610
Please pass the word around in your district to have them call these senators.
Thank You,
Sheri Miller


I just wanted to make sure everyone is watching ... NETV will do live coverage as well as the web ... our bill is the first thing on the floor this am and our lobbyist, senator Bloomfield and Jessica his aid, are ready ... please stay abreast as their may be news and updates throughout the day ... I urge out of state support in that as the debate begins we do not expect a vote today ... or tomorrow ... actually it will most likely be debated half day today ... then Friday they will have select file bills to go through ... therefore we have till Monday for debate to resume ...

That being said if a senator brings up an issue that you have data, studies or an idea to help ... send it to me I will get it to the senator ... we believe we have all the bases covered but I do not want to leave anything to chance ...

Thanks for all your support ...

Ps this banner was created by our treasurer Eric bedke and signed at the lincoln bike show in February ... it is now on display at the capital for all to see ...

Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator ABATE of Ne Inc


update 3/18/2015 - lots of updates here today! 


Sounds like Sen. Lindstrom needs some encouragement as well.

Abate District 6 omaha ...




Sounds like Sen. Hilkemann is planning to drop in a bracket motion on LB31 - I think maybe it is time that his constituents let him know how much they support the bill.

He is legislative district 4 ... abate district 6 ...




This is hugely important Our opposition is starting to mobilize and do what we have been doing since the bill came out of committee ... that being said this is not the time to let up ... of particular importance is the senators our opposition has deemed (unknown) see below ... make sure they hear from our membership!!!!

We cannot let this slide if you have called in the past call again ...

This is what our opponents are issuing as a call to action ...

We need your help!

The Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) opposes LB31 and is issuing this Advocacy Alert following advancement of the proposal from the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee. LB31 is scheduled for debate on today’s agenda and discussion may begin as early as tomorrow!

Opponents of LB31, a bill to repeal Nebraska’s motorcycle and moped protective helmet requirement, have worked tirelessly to educate our senators on the consequences of removing the requirement. As debate will begin shortly, we need to reinforce the decisions of those who oppose LB31 and persuade those who are unsure about how they should vote.


As has been done in years past, senators opposing LB31 will begin a filibuster once debate begins. Thirty-three votes are needed to end a filibuster and move LB31 to a full vote on advancement of the bill. If 33 or more votes are achieved to end the filibuster, only 25 votes are then needed to advance the bill.

The NHA and its member hospitals need your help in preventing advancement of LB31!

Below you will find a list of senators who have expressed uncertainty on their position. A full list of senators and their positions as surveyed over the last week is
available here. Regardless of your senator’s position, we ask that you contact him or her to express your concerns as one of Nebraska’s hospitals, which treat those individuals who experience trauma as a result of motorcycle accidents.

Why should your senator oppose LB 31?

  • In 2013, more than $11 million was spent on hospitalizations of motorcycle riders injured in accidents. Of these charges, 9 percent was paid through the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
  • 30 percent of primary injuries for hospitalized riders are head injuries.
  • Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than occupants of a car.
*Statistics obtained from the Department of Health & Human Services Injury Prevention Programand Fact Sheet

Senators undecided or unsure about position & member hospitals in their district:
  • Sen. Al Davis (District 43) – Hyannis
  • Box Butte General Hospital, Alliance
  • Brown County Hospital, Ainsworth
  • Chadron Community Hospital & Health Services, Chadron
  • Cherry County Hospital, Valentine
  • Gordon Memorial Hospital, Gordon
  • Sen. Lydia Brasch (District 16) – Bancroft
  • Memorial Community Hospital & Health System, Blair
  • Oakland Mercy Hospital, Oakland
  • St. Francis Memorial Hospital, West Point
  • Sen. John Kuehn (District 38) – Holdrege
  • Brodstone Memorial Hospital, Superior
  • Franklin County Memorial Hospital, Franklin
  • Kearney County Health Services, Minden
  • Phelps Memorial Health Center, Holdrege
  • Webster County Community Hospital, Red Cloud
  • Senator Brett Lindstrom (District 18) – Omaha
  • Members serving Omaha’s citizens
  • Sen. John McCollister (District 20) – Omaha
  • CHI Health Bergan Mercy, Omaha
  • Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, Omaha
  • Select Specialty Hospital, Omaha
  • Sen. Joni Craighead (District 6) – Omaha
  • Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, Omaha
  • Nebraska Methodist Hospital, Omaha
  • Sen. Jon Stinner (District 48) – Scottsbluff
  • Regional West Medical Center, Scottsbluff
For a full list of senators and NHA members in their district, click here.

To locate your state senator by zip code, click

To send an email to your senator, the address format is:
first initial last name@leg.ne.gov(i.e. adavis@leg.ne.gov).

If you have questions about LB31, please contact me ASAP at
brieker@NebraskaHospitals.orgor (402) 742-8146 or Elisabeth Hurst at ehurst@NebraskaHospitals.orgor (402) 742-8153.


Bruce Rieker, J.D., vice president, advocacy
Nebraska Hospital Association


update 3/17/2015

Well you heard it first here ... LB 31 is on the move Bloomfield's office (jessica) has informed us that the bill will be on the agenda as of tomorrow ...

It is extremely important everyone is on their toes right now ... get the calls / emails going to the senators from your districts we may be turning up the heat very soon ...

Stay tuned


updated 3/5/2015

Ok we are out the gate ... officially

Voting to advance the bill were Sens. Jim Smith of Papillion, Tommy Garrett of Bellevue, Beau McCoy of Omaha, John Murante of Gretna, Al Davis of Hyannis and Curt Friesen of Henderson. Voting “no” were Sens. Les Seiler of Hastings and Lydia Brasch of Bancroft.

Keep a watchful eye on the media ...

Todd C. Miller



updated 2/11/2015

I wanted to thank those that came out in support of the bill yesterday, we did well at having a presence there.  We had 2 other bills in front of us so it was a long day for us with testimony not finishing up till after 5pm ... We had 3 representing ABATE of Ne. for testimony, Bob Ailor, Gary Neeman and Myself, as suggested by Senator Bloomfield we kept it short and sweet with little redundancy.  We had good engagement from the committee,  Our opponents however did just the opposite ... their testimony trailed on for what seemed an eternity.  They quoted numbers and statistics that contradicted each other from the same sources ....  and the attention span of the Committee appeared to be lost after the first few ... I will note that the opposition in my opinion seemed scared ... they brought in an unusually large entourage even some medical students to testify.  AAA of course and the NTSB ... My only question of concern from the committee was Senator Brasch asking our opposition (an accident survivor) what if anything could make this bill better? Eluding to the idea of adding an amendment to the bill before coming out of committee ... no definitive answer was given.

Senator Bloomfield was able to close, finishing up with some unanswered questions and unfortunately Chairman Smith also asked about adding some amendment to the bill.  Senator Bloomfield stated that he would prefer that this bill come out of committee clean (as is) and that he would be willing to talk about the bill and revisit if necessary ... but he would prefer any amendments to be added on the floor for the full legislative body to debate. He also stated that he intended to make this bill a priority once it comes out of committee, further stressing the importance of the bill.

I cannot foresee the outcome of the hearing nor do I know how soon they will vote on the issue.  I do believe it went well and as we expected.   At this time we are in a holding pattern with no requests from the membership other than to continue to watch the media.  I can guarantee it will be slanted against us ... even at the hearing several of the opposition were interviewed and I saw nobody from our side asked ...

Alert me ASAP of any polls or news.

"keep the shiny side up"

Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator, ABATE of Ne Inc

Feb 6, 2015

LB31 will be on the schedule for the Transportation and Telecommunications
Committee Monday, February 9th at 1:30..
Todd, Bob and Gary will testify on behalf of ABATE but not until Senator
Bloomfield presents the bill to the committee..
We need to pack the house but here are some things I wanted to pass along to you
to get out to your districts;
•The Committee will meet in Room 1113 at 1:30 sharp.
Get there and be seated at least by 1:00 to 1:15 if possible.
• Scatter the room with members..
•This is not a wedding so there is no “bride and groom” side
•Try not to leave long rows of empty seats so the opposition has a base.
Pepper the room with supporters and sit amongst the opposition.
•No cheering or jeering.
Head nods in support are good when showing support of a comment. A simple shake
of the head and look down is perfect for disagreeing.
Senators notice these things.
•This is not a rally so come as you are.
Leathers work but come in your work attire whatever that may be.
Show them that we are all walks of life.
Freedom Seekers.
There may be a hearing before us or after us so please be patient.
Senator Chambers has a bill
LB474 that deals with Mountain Lion protection plates that is on the agenda that
could be heard while waiting for our bill.
Just witness.
•Turn off your cell phones and be respectful of the hearing before and after.
•If you feel the need to congregate, get to a common area and not in front of
another senators door.
Get to a common area near the center of the hall way.
Please pass this along to members that will attend and encourage them to help
assist others attending that may not be aware of these requests.
We can do this folks…………

Update 1/29/2015 - hearing date scheduled!

To all,

We have a hearing date scheduled

Monday February 9, 2015
Transportation and Telecommunications
Room 1113 - 1:30 PM
LB474 Chambers Provide for Mountain Lion Protection Plates and create a fund
LB597 Davis Adopt the Contract Carrier Safety Act
LB31 Bloomfield Eliminate motorcycle and moped helmet requirements


update 1/27/2015

Here is the complete list (so far) of Senators that have also signed on to the bill

Ebke, Groene, Kintner, Schoor, Davis, Krist, McCoy, Morfeld and Schumacher

Again great job everyone.


update 1/26/2015

I was very impressed with the turnout.  We had 88 souls in attendance ... I heard great things from everyone, your interviews were wonderful ... please spread the word to your members that were there they did fantastic!


we have 4 new senators signed on to the bill as of today ...


The following Senators signed on to LB 31 today:








"keep the shiny side up"



Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator ABATE of Ne, Inc.


update 1/9/2015

Just an FYI ... and warning heads up to watch the media .... our bill has a name now (yep can make the t shirts! LOL) LB31 and it is making the news ... expect polls to pop up ... I will be monitoring my emails closely at home and forwarding any and all calls to action ... watch for editorials ... but either be very careful in your responses or forward to me and we will get rebuttals out as necessary. The bill is an outright repeal of the helmet law.

Todd Miller - State Coordinator


Just an FYI but our bill has a name now.  Its LB31 and in the conversation. 

Scott Lucey, ABATE Legislative Officer


update 1/8/2015The preliminary committee assignments came out and it looks favorable for us ... as with all things nothing is a guarantee but this is the best makeup I have seen in many years ... I see Smith, Brasch, McCoy, Davis, Murante with us ... and a possible Friesen (new senator)  ... Garrett and Seiler opposed ... but Garrett did vote for cloture, so may be persuaded if need be to move it to the floor ... remember we only need 5 ...

Committee members:
Jim Smith - chair
Lydia Brasch
Beau McCoy
Al Davis
John Murante

Curt Friesen
Tommy Garrett
Les Seiler

All that being said ... Senator Bloomfield has decided to again drop a clean bill

I will keep everyone posted as we move forward ...
As I said there will be a lot of communication coming as we move into the session ... so stay tuned ...

"keep the shiny side up"
Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator ABATE of Ne Inc.


update 1/6/2015

First day of session is tomorrow ... As we have been advising things could move extremely fast as we move into session.  Our next move at the capital depends on whom takes up positions on the Transportation committee ... Hopefully we will have a majority in committee and a clean bill can be dropped.  The committee selection should be done this week and we will have more information by Monday so expect and update then ...  We will evaluate the committee make up this weekend and give our best recommendation.  We may need to get some push going on a senator to get this out of committee.  We will also tailor our testimony for the committee hearing. I need everyone to be checking their email or calling me monday for the updates.  If we have an overwhelming majority and the committee hearing is a mere formality, we can begin to evaluate the information you have been gathering on the senators that are unknown ... even if that information is that they will not return your calls ... These will be handed directly over to our lobbyist and Senator Bloomfield ... They will be able to get to them.

We are still needing everyone to keep an eye on the media ... those polls can be very detrimental. Notify me asap and we will post the information to the web and send out a call to action.

We would still like to see everyone contacting business owners ... I have not yet heard of a lobbying group willing to jump on board with us ... nor have we yet been asked to present to a board.  it will take effort from their  membership to get this done ... Scott Hoffman made a pretty good start but the lobbyists themselves cannot determine what direction they take until the board that pays their salary gives them the nod ... those are the people we need to contact ... I know Terry out west is working in that direction as well ...

In short stay tuned in ... Scott or I will be sending updates at a minimum weekly for you to pass along to your membership.

"keep the shiny side up"

Todd C. Miller
State coordinator ABATE of Ne Inc

LB393  click on LB393 to take a look at our bill!

2014 VOTE FLYER - updated!

This from our lobbyist ... I thought it was a nice roundup of the year and a reminder of what we have yet to do ... and how we will have to work hard in the campaigns in order to win our freedom to choose in the next legislative session.  We win or lose in the elections.

Keep the shiny side up

Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator ABATE of Ne Inc.


ABATE of Nebraska

Nebraska Legislative Update

April 23, 2014
End of Session Report




The looming question in the weeks prior to the convention of the 103rd Nebraska Legislature, Second Session, was how will the issues and the infighting influence and squash the efforts of the Unicameral to get done what was needed.  It was dubbed as the possible ‘do-nothing’ or ‘do-little’ legislature.  Speaker Greg Adams was so concerned that he even scheduled floor debate during the first full week, which is usually reserved for Senators and Committees to get much needed work done on legislation before it reaches the debate floor.  And so it began, they took up carryover bills from 2013, immediately dragging them into personal attacks and needless drudging along of bills that the public might deem a waste of time.  Amber Lights on neighborhood watch vehicles, banning the sale of novelty lighters to children, controlling spillage of manure in South Omaha, and so forth.  More than I’ve seen in my time here, the days ticked by with almost no legislation moving, and the bantering and bickering was heavy right from the start.  

The slate was set on major issues:  Medicaid expansion was sure to come back, and the Governor had vowed to veto and Senators had promised to filibuster; prison overcrowding was reaching dangerous levels…almost to the point where a federal judge could demand some be let out or a prison be planned for construction; Nikko Jenkins was let out on good-time and allegedly killed 4 people….something must be done about good-time and mental health treatment in Nebraska’s correctional facilities; Ernie had claimed for months that he was going to repeal the Mountain Lion hunting law; tax reform had almost become a punch line…everyone wants lower taxes, but no one wants to cut funding of major line items; and more…

There were 17 Senators that were leaving at the conclusion of this legislature due to term-limits.  The elected class of 2006 was the largest in the history of the Unicameral.  22 Senators were sworn in on January 3rd, 2007 (I was one of those that day), and the 16 of them that were still there, plus 1 who was appointed, all had things they were dead set on accomplishing before cleaning off their desk when the dust cleared.  The Governor was term limited as well….after serving 10 years, he had vowed to lower taxes further and keep spending to a minimum to put the state in a financially stable position for the future.  Add to it that a full 10 percent of the Unicam were running for state office….some for Governor, some for State Auditor, some for Attorney General, one for Congress….the campaign speeches from the debate floor were haunting all our dreams.  

As the session progressed, I think everyone in and around the capitol could agree that all points of contention came together and locked horns, never to loosen until the end.  A record number of bills were filibustered requiring 33 of 49 votes to advance….some made it, some died on the spot.  The last 3 weeks were filled with late, late, late nights of sharp debate.  Even the last two days of the session, which are usually reserved for procedure, final passage of bills, veto override attempts, and saying goodbye were met with hate and discontent.  Senators were using the rules and abusing the rules, and sometimes throwing out the rules to get bills passed.  Literally dozens of bills were attached to other more favorable legislation in a Washington-style attempt to get the people’s work accomplished.  

When the dust settled, the number of bills passed in the 2014 session was much greater than I would have anticipated possible, if you’d have asked me in late February….some for good, some…well….I guess everything’s important to someone.  The official count is 181 bills were sent to the Governor’s desk and 1 constitutional amendment was sent to the Secretary of State.  I’m still counting, but I think nearly 40 other bills were attached as amendments to passing legislation and became law.  The Governor vetoed 6 bills during session, and the Unicameral overrode all but one of them.  The Governor also vetoed $68 million of the budget and cash-reserve transfers, and the Unicameral overrode $64 million of that.  In a ‘procedural’ move, the Governor pocket vetoed LB 916 the week after the legislature adjourned.  By vetoing a bill after adjournment, the legislature has no way of overriding it.

The Governor was successful in lobbying against the state’s ability to issues bonds for road building purposes.  LB 1092, from Senator Dubas, failed on final reading to obtain the necessary 30 votes.  She was, however, successful to repeal sales taxes on farm implement parts and services…a plight that had been attempted for some 19 years.  Senators Carlson and Lathrop were successful in the passage of a water sustainability package that’s been in the works for 8 years.  Senator Ashford was able to set the path for prison reform, avoid the construction of a new prison, make sensible changes to truancy laws and set a path for helping the state’s troubled youth stay out of prison.  Senator Coash created a mandate for insurance companies to cover autism treatment under some plans for children.  Senator Lautenbaugh was finally successful in getting a vote to the people on a plan to save the horseracing industry in Nebraska.  

The list goes on, but in the end, almost every one of the 17 departing Senators got something they wanted accomplished as they walked off the debate floor for probably the last time.  They gave their farewell speeches and got some laughs and some tears, but most importantly a nod of respect from their colleagues and from the public.  The Unicameral was forever changed when the people of Nebraska voted for term limits 10 years ago.  Many will argue on whether that vote will hurt or help the state moving forward.  The Unicameral will survive and continue to adjust accordingly.  The 22 who came in back in 2007 had huge shoes to fill and a massive undertaking to grab hold quickly and lead the state through a recession and prepare for the future.  How will the veterans with more than 4 years under their belts handle the pressure? What will the class of 2015 look like?  Who will fill the positions of Speaker and 8 of the 14 standing committee chairs?  Time will tell.  God speed to the 17 and God Bless the great State of Nebraska.  


LB 393 came as close to passing as it ever has this session.  With 25 votes to pass, Senator Bloomfield was still a few short of the 33 required votes to stop a filibuster lead by Senators Lathrop and Avery.  The opposition is strong, regardless of their methods.  We know they distribute bad information, and we know that their tactic will always be to scare Senators into thinking that a repeal of the law will cost the state millions in health care and that the public will be in danger if the law is repealed.  ABATE’s tactics will continue to be education and helping to elect candidates that are favorable to the cause.  Senator Bloomfield and others have committed to me to keep at it as long as they are in the legislature.  The legislature next year will look quite different with at least 17 new faces.  Hopefully over the summer, we can visit with many of these candidates and get them on board.


Primary elections are May 13, 2014.    Targeted primary races include the following legislative districts - 2, 4, 5, 12, 18, 20, 26, 28, 40, 42, 44, and 46.  More information coming soon on which candidates ABATE needs to support and help get elected!


MRF reports legislation to prohibit funding for motorcycle only checkpoints!  more info



Signature Letter for supporting businesses - as discussed at the previous BOD, this letter is for the supporting businesses to sign - needs to be done and turned into the state  ASAP

find the letter here


updated Feb 11, 2014 - LB 393 dead - not enough votes for closure


here is how they voted ... and whom did not vote... we will be talking about this soon but for now for those of you that have been on the front lines... I thank you for all your efforts.  Go home kick the dog (sorry peta people) or whatever you need to do to blow off some steam and step back for a second.  Me it will be a large glass of Bourbon a deep breath and back to work ... we are taping the floor for the bike show tomorrow and my phone is already ringing off the hook with members questions and concerns.

take a break ... regroup at the next BOD !

Remember there are 49 senators ... and 25 were with us for cloture.

The cloture vote was as follows:

Aye: 25

Nay: 22

Haar, K. 
Harr, B.

Present Not Voting: 2


Keep the shiny side up!
todd c. miller
state coordinator ABATE of Ne. Inc.



update Feb 10, 2014



            Here is where we are ... We made it through the vote today as I said and debate will continue on the bill.  What I want to make perfectly clear is we have a majority of senators on our side willing to pass the bill ... A Majority of Senators feel we are not "wasting their time" that we are not going away etc.  I want everyone to understand that ... If you are asked by media or just the guy down at the corner whom vehemently opposes us ... and spouts every sort of doom and gloom statistic.... We have a majority of the votes.  We proved that today.

             There is at least one full day left of debate on the issue and there is still work to do ... continue to contact and email senators.   If you like what they are saying let them know it ... I've received reports today of individuals emailing their senators during debate ... to feed them information or counter statistics, or just say thanks  ... Great Job!  I have to say that I feel very optimistic about our chances due to the rally of support I see from the Senate floor.  We could not ask for a better team than we have right now in Senator Bloomfield, Jessica and our Lobbyist, Kent Rogert. I believe they will do everything and anything that can be done to secure those last votes. Your work in the elections has made a difference ... 

             Remember "to those that concede, no injustice is done" ...  

            keep up the fight we are in the home stretch and just a few votes away from having the necessary 33 votes we need to win a cloture vote and secure the bill.


"keep the shiny side up"


 Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator ABATE of Ne, Inc.





update Feb 7, 2014

First of all we are still alive!

         A bracket motion was placed as I mentioned before.  This was done to try and kill the bill If the opposition can get 25 Senators to agree to basically set the bill aside indefinitely we are done.  The vote for the bracket motion was not taken today. The vote for bracketing the bill will happen Monday, that gives us the weekend to muster votes and solidify some senators or question others.

We do not want the bill to be bracketed ... again a vote to bracket the bill will kill the bill ...

Over the weekend, we should contact these senators ... we need their support for lb 393 a simple ...

“Please support 393.  If you can’t support it, then would you please consider giving us a cloture vote so we can have a real vote on the bill.”

Brand Ashford                      402-471-2622     bashford@leg.ne.gov
Tanya Cook                           402-471-2727     tcook@leg.ne.gov
Tommy Garrett                    402-471-2627    tgarrett@leg.ne.gov
Burke Harr                            402-471-2722    bharr@leg.ne.gov
Sara Howard                        402-471-2723    showard@leg.ne.gov
Jerry Johnson                      402-471-2719     jjohnson@leg.ne.gov
John Nelson                         402-471-2714    jnelson@leg.ne.gov
Pete Pirsch                          402-471-2621     ppirsch@leg.ne.gov

This does not mean you cannot contact others in support ... If you have watched or recorded the debate ... thank those that have stood in our favor ....  stay involved feel free to call me or Scott with any questions you may have.

Do not sit idle!

"keep the shiny side up!"
State Coordinator ABATE of Ne Inc


update Feb 7 - after floor debate

New development.  Gloor threw up a bracket motion which would  in essence kill the bill...but it gives us a vote ahead of closure.  The burden is now on the opposition to come up with 25 votes to bracket the bill (postpone to a date certain).  We'll probably get to a vote on this today.


I'll keep you posted as I know.... some phone calls or emails may be needed.


update Feb 7 - polls!!! act  now!!! 


Well day one of debate went pretty well if you ask me ... our opponents used some ridiculouse arguments to keep the law but we did affirm some support and we know who the staunch opponents are.  We do expect the debate to consume the full 8 hrs of debate.  In other words a filibuster, we expect a cloture vote to happen sometime tuesday of next week.  I will have more updates as we go along but for now I wanted to give as much notice as possible if we can get some people in the balcony on Tuesday it certainly would help.

stay informed dvr the debate if you can or watch live on your computer ...

the media:

Ok,        here are some more reports of news articles ... thanks everyone for staying on top of these so far.   Keep an eye on the comments most of these have areas to comment after the articles ... be careful how you respond.  If you respond, Be to the point with facts for rebuttal if neccessary or point out the issues with their argument but do not stoop to name calling or any derogatory comments to the person or persons involved let them do that.





        It has started we need to weigh in on these polls asap!  Lincoln Journal Star has a facebook page  and poll running.  Get on it spread the word do not give our opposition ammunition in the floor debate!

Keep your eyes and ears open let me know of any polls or articles.

"keep the shiny side up!"
Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator ABATE of ne.


yet another poll

there is a poll on the left side of page half way down



update Feb 5, 2014


            If you haven't followed through with what I sent out yesterday or stayed on top of the emails ... It is going to blow up on the media tonight! ... We need to be ready to combat any and all polls.  The bill will be heard first thing tomorrow we expect a full day of debate.  If you have a chance tune into the legislature via your TV or internet.  Call your senators whatever else you didn't do ... it's too late ... I will send out a national call to action to help shut down any polls that do arise otherwise we want Nebraskans to be calling their senators.  Again ask them to vote for cloture.  Get our bill out there for an up down vote.  Remember this is LB393, It is your bill, It is your rights that are being taken away ... make sure your voice is heard.


We need 33 votes to stop a filibuster ask your senators to at least let the process work.  Let our bill come to a vote!


"keep the shiny side up"



Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator ABATE of Ne, Inc.




update Feb 4, 2014


Ok,  from our Lobbyist,  the bill is on the agenda.  Our bill is moving and could be heard any day now.   It is time to contact senators and affirm their support for at minimum cloture to stop a filibuster on the floor, we need 33 votes.  We need to as always keep an eye on the media.  We cannot afford a random poll to throw a shadow of doubt in the eyes of those whom are on the fence or with us.  Contact me, Connie (webmaster) or any other officer / board member, we will get the word out and shut down these polls as quickly as possible.   We also need to be aware of any articles or editorials for quick rebuttals.  Again the object here is to stop the chatter and misdirection our opposition so often uses. We need to avoid any blatantly negative statements to our opposition.  State the facts, show them where they are wrong but keep emotion out of it ... let our opposition be the tyrannical idiots.

To summarize:

1. Contact your senators ask them to support cloture.
2. Keep an eye on the media, notify the state of any polls / articles. have specifics of what paper, website or radio / TV station.

Stay informed, Involved and encourage others to follow.

State Coordinator ABATE of Ne Inc

update Feb 3, 2014

Our bill has been given priority by Senator Bloomfield today...  message from the lobbyist:

LB 393 was read into the record this morning as Senator Bloomfield's priority.  I will be talking with he and/or Speaker to see what the plan is for getting it scheduled.  There were just short of a dozen bills prioritized this morning that will all be angling for debate time as we move through the next few weeks.


Kent Rogert


This is likely to start some media hoopla.  Keep your eyes and ears open for any polls, etc.

Todd C. Miller

update Jan 20, 2014

Ok folks I will keep you updated as i get the information. Legislative session is in swing.  There are some new bills of note one covering decorative lights on motorcycles (bill to make it legal).   I will update you if there is any action or hearings on those asap.

Todd C. Miller
state coordinator
ABATE of Ne Inc.




Nebraska Legislative Update

ABATE of Nebraska

January 17, 2014




The Speaker of the Legislature declared during the opening day of the session that full day floor debate would begin on day 4 on bills remaining on General File from 2013.  This is atypical, as the second week is normally a week for office work for all involved.  But considering the short session and the heavy lifting that appears to be coming our way, they got an early start.  Not a ton was accomplished, but nonetheless some legislation was moved forward.  

The Governor gave his State of the State address on Wednesday where he made promises of tax relief of massive proportions and talked about unsustainable spending at all levels of government.  Does anyone remember the movie Groundhog Day?  Bill Murray experienced the same day over and over and over.

Hearings on newly introduced bills begin on Tuesday and will continue for about 6 weeks.  My afternoons next week are already pretty full with bills I’ve flagged to watch for you folks, so look for me to contact some of you over the weekend to gather your thoughts on an item or two.  

Check the bill tracker below… I will be summarizing the important bills over the weekend in more detail… keeping in mind there are still 2 days of bill introduction left next week.  


See you next week!


2013-14 ABATE Bill Tracker





update Jan 16, 2014

here are some updates from our lobbyist. see below




Nebraska Legislative Update

ABATE of Nebraska

January 10, 2014


And they’re off!  The Nebraska Unicameral got 3 days (3 hours actually) under their belts in this 60 day session and so far it’s pretty much as we expected.  164 bills and 1 constitutional amendment have been introduced so far, which is about par.  We welcome Senator Tommy Garrett, newly appointed Senator representing District 3 in central Sarpy County.  Other than that, it’s business as usual around the rotunda.  

Notable proposals introduced thus far include:

  • Two separate bills from Senator Chambers hoping to eliminate the ability to hunt mountain lions and black tailed prairie dogs
  • Separate bills from Senators Hansen and McCoy to lower the valuation of farmland to 65%
  • A bill from Senator Hansen to eliminate the inheritance tax
  • A bill from Senator Harms to make driving while texting and not wearing a seat belt a primary offense (currently a secondary offense)
  • A bill to finish building the Capitol (construction began in 1922)by installing the fountains in the courtyards
  • A bill by Senator Avery to fund maintenance projects in State Parks
  • Several  tax reduction proposals
Of course, there are several other great ideas out there…..and some not-so-great ideas….nonetheless, we’ll expect a couple hundred more to be on our desks before my next update.  I do want to commend myself on the fact that I have already read all 165 proposals….and by that I mean all of those except the 68 page cleanup bill for the Appraisers Board and the updates to the Uniform Commercial Code (no one really cares).

As a reminder of who’s who and who’s where, here are the links to the Senator’s and their respective committee assignments:  

2014 Senator List

2014 Committee List


This will be an unprecedented year in Nebraska law making.  We have 17 term-limited Senators that for sure all have pet projects that they wish to end their careers with; We have a term-limited Governor that has many plans that he wishes to execute before adjournment; We have 5 Senators, that’s 10% of the body, running for higher office; and we have 7 Standing Committee Chairs, 2 Select Committee Chairs, and 4 Special Committee Chairs not returning next session creating a mass of political maneuvering throughout the coming months.  I can’t wait for some of the postulating floor speeches that we will experience in 2014.  

The big issues at hand, so far, are prison reform, Medicaid expansion, tax system reform, education funding, and water.  Yep….pretty much the same issues we have had at the top of the list for about 35 years. What I will say is that from my years as the Senator from District 16 I remember this:  The years we had money were always WAY more dramatic than the years we were broke.  When the state is in a recession, no one worries about how to spend the people’s money because we’re cutting back everywhere….when we have a surplus every John, Nancy, and Maggie wants their particular issue/interest funded and we always end up in a mud fight.  Well we have nearly $700 million in our cash reserve….here’s to the tug-o-war!!!

Thanks and stay warm!

See you next week!







update Nov 6, 2013 - new deadline!


MRF E-MAIL NEWS Motorcycle Riders Foundation
236 Massachusetts Ave. NE | Suite 204 | Washington, DC 20002-4980
202-546-0983 (voice) | 202-546-0986 (fax) |

13NR36 - MRF News Release - Petri Letter Extension

6 Nov. 2013

Contact:Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs

Petri Letter Extension

Congressman Petri has decided to hold the letter open for more signatures reports the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. Congressman Petri (WI) has decided to allow time to continue gathering signatures. Mr. Petri has taken the lead on drafting a letter to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to ask them to not waste resources on motorcycle safety when we have so many more government agencies all ready doing the same research. He has decided to hold the letter open through close of business Friday November 8th. Please contact your Federal Representative and ask that they co-sign the Petri CDC letter by contacting Mr. Petri's D.C. office. You can reach the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and you can determine who your Representative is through this website: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/. Please act now. The text of the Petri CDC letter is below.

Dr. Thomas Frieden
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Rd
Atlanta, GA 30333

Dear Dr. Frieden:

We are writing to express our concern about activities of the CDC regarding motorcycle safety, in particular the Motorcycle Safety report which focuses on pressuring states to pass universal helmet laws.

The issue of transportation and motorcycle safety has been studied extensively by agencies within the Department of Transportation and the National Transportation Safety Board. These agencies have transportation professionals who are experienced in this area. The extensively footnoted report seems to be little more than a compilation of work that other agencies have done, and with questionable conclusions.

For example, the report states that motorcycle-related deaths have increased by 55 percent since 2000. But nowhere in the report is it mentioned that motorcycle registrations have also increased substantially since 2000. The report also notes that 41 percent of motorcycle operators and 50 percent of motorcycle passengers who died in 2010 were not wearing a helmet - which seems to indicate there were more deaths with helmets than without. It would seem to follow that 59 percent of motorcycle operators and 50 percent of passengers who died in 2010 were wearing a helmet. Interesting, but what is the conclusion we should reasonably draw from these figures?

Given the demands on your budget and the unique ability of the CDC to address such pressing issues as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and a host of other conditions and issues which afflict millions of Americans and others around the globe, we encourage you to direct your attention and resources to areas that are not currently already being addressed elsewhere in the government.


update on Oct 23, 2013

Your SSMRO Board Reps

> Dave Dwyer


MRF E-MAIL NEWS Motorcycle Riders Foundation
 236 Massachusetts Ave. NE | Suite 510 | Washington, DC 20002-4980
202-546-0983 (voice) | 202-546-0986 (fax) | http://www.mrf.org/

SMRO Leaders Dialogue

 MRF 2014 Legislative Agenda

10 16-2013


The Motorcycle Riders Foundation
> Legislative Strategy Agenda for 2013-2014
> At the recent 2013 Motorcycle Riders Foundations (MRF) Meeting of the Minds held
> September in Columbus, Ohio a Legislative Strategy Session was hosted by the MRF's
> Legislative Committee.  As has been done for the past several years, the MRF requested that it be attended by Sustaining State Motorcyclists Rights Organizations (SSMRO) Legislative and/or Executive Officers. The goal is to set the MRF's Federal Legislative Agenda for the coming Meeting of the Minds "to" Meeting of the Minds cycle.  Our Sustaining SMRO partners responded once again and the Legislative Committee was extremely pleased at how aligned and clear the direction from our SSMRO partners was, additionally together we added some meaningful agenda items this years' agenda.   This level of alignment will allow for a solid and focused Strategic Action plan to be developed, disseminated, and effectively employed.  The session this year again saw it moderated by MRF Vice President, Jay Jackson, and supported by MRF President, Kirk "Hardtail" Willard, and MRF Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs, Jeff Hennie.  We continued the practice instituted three years ago where we utilized the one vote per organization policy
> and those votes were again recorded.  Shown below in the order raised by our SSMROs is our upcoming Federal Legislative Strategy Agenda followed by the recorded vote percentages on each.  Where "consent" is listed it is on legislative issues that were brought up by those in attendance from SMRO or MRF Leadership and once initial discussion was held and a position explained no further discussion ensued regarding stated position and
> no vote was called for. 

> * MAP 21 Upcoming Reauthorization (the Highway Bill)
> To include Motorcycle 2010 Grant Funding (the MRF to pursue the current
> levels of funding along with a request to tighten up language for qualification
> and use), continuation of the NHTSA Lobbying Ban, pursue reinstatement of
> the Motorcycle Advisory Council (MAC) to advise the FHWA, oppose any
> motorcycling related federal blackmails or federal sanctions contained in the
> highway bill; closely monitor for any action that would negatively impact
> motorcycles, motorcycling, and motorcyclists; seek to include HR1861
> language to ban motorcycle specific roadblock grant funding

100% Favor, 0% Oppose

> * SAE Motorcycle Roadside Sound Test
> The MRF to NOT promote the use of the SAE Sound Test as a National
> enforcement standard, those that voted monitor is due to the fact that it has
> not come up federally and is considered by them a state by state issue at this
> time

94% Favor, 0% Oppose, 6% Monitor

* Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
> MRF to pursue reintroduction of the HR 1253 bill which requires health
> insurance companies to disclose the list of "source of injury" exclusions in the
> policies they issue; monitor means watch HIPAA and other emerging
> healthcare law closely for motorcyclist specific discrimination; those opposing
> were split between dropping this as an agenda item and continuing pursuit of
> a HIPAA "fix"

> 0% Favor, 12% Oppose, 88% Monitor

* NHTSA Checkpoint Grant Program
> The MRF to carry out a full effort to cut off specified use funding for this
> motorcycle based discriminatory practice, work with States to exchange
> information on passing anti-checkpoint laws, HR1861 introduced to
> accomplish this

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* Crash Causation Study

MRF to allow the current study to take its' course and respond accordingly,
> disappointed with the reduced scope, pursue no additional funding
>  Monitor and report on MSF alternate Naturalistic Study

  No Vote

* EPA Mandatory Stamping of Exhaust
> MRF to strongly oppose any federal standard proposing stamping and
> certifying motorcycle exhaust systems, work to prevent any federal legislation
> mirroring that California SB435

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* EPA Sound Emissions User Study
> MRF to continue to closely monitor, MRF to oppose federal agencies
> encouraging state activity-leave it up to the states to determine course of
> action

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* Distracted Driving
> MRF to oppose ALL forms of distracted driving, and all forms of funding
> blackmails or withholding of funds for it as related to motorcyclists, watch for
> motorcyclist specific discrimination language closely

 97% Favor, 0% Oppose, 3% Abstain

* Right to Repair
> MRF to remove as a Legislative agenda item citing significant progress

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* Definition of a Motorcycle
> MRF to take advantage of any opportunity available to enhance and further
> clarify the definition of a motorcycle and provide input in any such activity on
> a Federal level


* Motorcyclist/Motorcycle Discrimination
> MRF to oppose any motorcycle, motorcycling, or motorcyclist based
> discrimination proposed by the U.S. Congress or any Federal Agency in
> Washington D.C., direction to seek a legislative vehicle to include motorcyclist
> anti-profiling language this session

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* International Motorcycle Cooperation Group (European Union,
> United Nations, Canada)
> MRF to maintain the same level of engagement or increase as needed within
> budget, approval to share costs with other partners for this
> lobbying/international meeting attendance, notify SMROs if additional
> activities outside of budget are deemed necessary

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* Mandatory Helmet and Apparel laws
>   MRF to fiercely oppose any mandatory helmet or apparel proposals

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* E 15 Fuel Blends
> MRF to not support the use of E15 fuel or any other alternative renewable fuels
> without further testing and specific recommendations from motorcycle
> manufacturers, MRF and SSMROs to pursue passage of HR875

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
> MRF to pursue inclusion of motorcycles in ongoing ITS efforts

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* Crash Avoidance versus Safer Crashing
> MRF to continue to promote our theme of Crash Avoidance versus Safer
> Crashing with similar language as contained in the previous Congress House
> Resolution 1498 that stated "support efforts to retain the ban on the
> National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) ability to lobby
> state legislatures using federal tax dollars and urging NHTSA to focus on crash
> prevention and rider education"
>  Consent

* Roadway Design and Engineering
> MRF to pursue safer roadway design strategies, include cable barrier research
> in the discussion

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* CDC's Involvement in Motorcycling Issues
> MRF to pursue limiting of funding of CDC on their involvement in
> motorcycling safety issues through a relevant appropriations bill, pursue CDC
> lobby ban, seek to remove language where CDC suggests motorcycle crashes
> are preventable injury events, MRF to continue to support efforts to refocus
> the CDC on their mission as stated in the letter from Congressman Petri to
> the CDC on September 27th, 2013

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* Private Organizations
> MRF to monitor private organizations that oppose the legislative agenda or
> mission of the MRF, investigate their funding sources to make certain they
> are not receiving federal monies.


* Public Organizations
> MRF to continue to monitor public organizations for funding sources if in
> opposition to our legislative agenda or mission of the MRF, develop
> appropriate strategies if discovered tax payer funding sources are in use


* Federal Health Care/Affordable Care Act
> MRF to continue to closely monitor this federal health care legislation for
> potential motorcyclist and motorcycling discrimination

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* Monitor EPA for any activity on motorcycle emissions regulations
> MRF to also monitor EPA for motorcycle drive train mandates
>  100% Favor, 0% Oppose

* Black Box Privacy Protection Act
> MRF to support Black Box Protection Act HR2414 to regulate black boxes in
> motorcycles, seek to clarify the rights of the vehicle owner to ownership of
> the recorded data

 100% Favor, 0% Oppose
> * Deficiencies in motorcycle specific trauma and protocol
> While the MRF believes strongly in crash prevention and avoidance, if a crash
> does occur we support development of a motorcycle specific trauma training
> module and protocol for Emergency Medical Services, Technicians, and 911
> Dispatch personnel; the increased training should be required of all new
> EMT's and also those seeking re-certification

>  94% Favor, 3% Oppose, 3% Neutral

* Fair Tolling
> MRF to research fair tolling concept on federally funded roads and roads
> supported by federal bonds
>  Consent

* Federal Agency Motorcycle Design Standards
> MRF to oppose non motorcycle manufacturer mandated specific design
> standards
>  Consent  
> Keith Ball, Garry Canaday, Dave Dwyer, Jeff Hennie, George Gorman, Cindy Hodges, Jay Jackson, Jim "Legs" Korte, Boyd McFail, Bob Myers, John Pierce, Todd Riba, Kirk "Hardtail" Willard (Chair)


Registration is easy and secure for MRF Regional and Meeting of the Minds conferences. Visit our website at http://www.mrf.org/events.php for further details and registration information.

Send in your nominations and donations for the MRF's Young Activist Scholarship fund today. For complete details, visit http://www.mrfae.org/yas.php.

Sign up today for the MRF's new roadside assistance program by visiting http://www.mrf.org/mrfroadside.php The program is available to MRF members and non-MRF members.

The MRF proudly claims state motorcyclists' rights organizations and the very founders of the American riders' rights movement among its leading members. The MRF is involved in federal and state legislation and regulations, motorcycling safety education, training, and public awareness. The MRF provides members and state motorcyclists' rights organizations with direction and information, and sponsors annual regional and national educational seminars for motorcyclists rights activists, as well as publishing a bi-monthly newsletter, THE MRF REPORTS.



MRF call to action update - 10/3/2013 - please act fast!  Deadline is Oct 8th


The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Announces Letter to the CDC from the United States Congress.
The Motorcycle Riders Foundation has been working with United States Representative and longtime motorcycle defender Tom Petri of Wisconsin to send a letter to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) asking them to stop focusing on motorcycle safety.
The CDC released a report that claimed a universal motorcycle helmet law would save lives and money. The problem with the report was that it was simply a collection of a few antiquated studies done by a handful of government agencies which are just as unqualified to focus on motorcycle safety as the CDC.

"This letter will send a clear message to the CDC that Congress is extremely displeased that they are wasting precious tax payer money on areas completely outside their area of expertise" said Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. "We don't need the CDC to focus on motorcycles when there are plenty of other government agencies already working on this."

The CDC report states that 41% of all fatal motorcycle accidents victims were not wearing a helmet. Simple math shows us that 59% were wearing helmets when they were involved in a fatal motorcycle crash. This is hardly a case for a universal helmet law.

Congressman Petri had this to say, "Given the demands on your budget and the unique ability of the CDC to address such pressing issues as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and a host of other conditions and issues which afflict millions of Americans and others around the globe, we encourage you to direct your attention and resources to areas that are not currently already being addressed elsewhere in the government."

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation urges you to contact your Representative in the United States House and ask them to co-sign this letter to the CDC. The larger the number of co-signers the greater impact it will have. Please contact your Representative at the United States Capitol switchboard which can be reached at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to co-sign the Petri CDC motorcycle letter. The deadline for co-signing this letter is close of business Tuesday, October 8th. Please act fast



MRF call to action update - 6/8/2012


I am sending this out as an FYI ... the call to action was sent out some time ago and it paid off ... for those of you not watching the proceedings on the national level it is good to see that Nebraska congressman Lee terry did sign on to this ... thanks for all your support locally and nationally.





Motorcycle-Only Roadside Checkpoint Letter Sent to Highway Bill Conference Leadership

You did it! Thanks to the motorcyclists of America for contacting their Members of Congress to ask them to sign onto the the letter. In total, 31 Members backed the letter that instructed the highway bill conference committee to include language to prohibit any federal funding of mandatory motorcycle-only roadside checkpoints.

Special thanks to Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and his staff for originating the letter and to Congressman Tom Petri for his early and often dedication.

The Members of Congress who signed onto the letter are: Bob Filner-CA, Randy Hultgren-IL, Ron Paul-KY, Lee Terry-NE, Sandy Adams-FL, Tim Walberg-MI, Tim Griffin-AR, Joe Wilson-SC, Joe Walsh-IL, Jeff Denham-CA, Corey Gardner-CO, Erik Paulsen-MN, Sean Duffy-WI, Walter Jones-NC, Bill Huizenga-MI, Candice Miller-MI, Mark Critz-PA, Bobby Schilling-IL, Allen West-FL, Roscoe Bartlet-MD, Adam Kinzinger-IL, Joe Donnelly-IN, Mike Rogers-MI, Donald Manzullo-IL, Gary Peters-MI, John Line-MN, Aaron Schock-IL, Dan Benisheck-MI, and Kathleen Hochul-NY.

Should you see your Representative's name on this bipartisan list, be sure to thank them for their support.

Its unclear at this point if the language to prohibit mandatory motorcycle-only checkpoints will be included in the final legislation. There are a lot of devils in the details of the entire bill. The compromise process is in the early stages. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation will keep you updated on this issue.


Updates - May 16, 2012

Well folks I really dont have much to add to what Scott has laid out for you except my sincerest thanks for all of you that voted, worked the campaigns and just for being ABATE members. Everyone deserves a pat on the back for this one !!

As Scott said we have a long road to November but we can all breathe a bit easier now knowing we have made a difference and we are well on our way to change.

Thanks to all the friends of ABATE ... it's Members and Family

Job well done!!

"keep the shiny side up"

Todd C. Miller
ABATE of Ne Inc State Coordinator

Update from ABATE's State Legislative Officer, Scott Lucey

What a night…
Well folks we did very well in the primary with our candidates. Nationally, Adrian Smith and Lee Terry, both of which have supported ABATE causes made it to the general election. Adrian should have an easy go of it come this fall but Terry may be in for a dog fight with Ewing for the House of Representatives.
The big story of the night was the Deb Fischer win. Out spent by millions of dollars by her opponents and came out on top. Jon Bruning spent 3.7 million compared to Fischer’s 400,000 and she got the nod from the voters. Great effort by all of ABATE to pull this one off. Just goes to show, it’s not how much is in your pocket, it’s what’s in your heart. She will need the same effort this fall to make it to Washington and when she does, we will have a true supporter.
Of the 8 State legislative races we were focused on we sent 7 of our candidates on to the general election in November. The bright side is that in the one race we lost we still have a supporting candidate. Our advancing candidates for the legislature are; Geary, Bloomfield, Hilgers, Woodward, Curtiss, Davis, and Carter.
Now comes the heavy lifting. Of the 17 state legislative races this November, 14 of them have an impact on ABATE. 14 races that if successful, could give us a majority vote and possibly a veto proof vote in Lincoln next session.
Thanks to everyone for making this and extremely successful primary for ABATE of Nebraska. Let’s make an even better outcome in November for the general election.
Much more to come.
Scott Lucey


Update - May 11, 2012

here we are a mere days away from the Primary Elections. My friends I am concerned. We have lived in a State that has for far too many years denied us as Motorcyclists the freedom of CHOICE by those WE elect to govern us … why? Why do we elect representation that chooses not to represent us? It may sound easy, over simplified. Some of you will say “I did not vote them in” , some will say "I voted for the other guy" etc ... but how many will say ... I never voted? Statistically they say approximately 54% percent of Americans vote in any given election. That is 54% for all Americans of voting age. So just over half the population makes the decision for everyone?? really?

We as an organization cannot accept those figures of ourselves. We need 100% participation from our members, from our friends etc.

For most of us this weekend will be the last big push before Tuesday. Our last chance to make a difference. We need people to vote. To that end my task to each of you this weekend is to work the phones, email or whatever means you have to contact your membership inform each of them whom we need elected in this round to carry forward to November. Contact your local clubs, organizations etc. make sure every biker in your area knows whom we as ABATE is supporting! Distribute our support fliers at a run if you can ... stick them up at your local pub etc ... DO NOT PUT THIS OFF ... I have attached it again and it is available on the website ... One more idea ... May is officially Motorcycle Awareness Month in Nebraska ... maybe ask our sponsoring radio stations to remind people to vote during our PSA announcements. something like "May is Motorcycle awareness month, watch out for motorcycles ... ABATE of Ne reminds you to vote may 15th .."

Tell everyone you see ABATE is on the firing line ... We need 110% participation from our membership!


"Keep the Shiny side up!"
Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator
ABATE of Ne Inc.


Update - May 4, 2012

To the BOD and friends,

We are burning down to the wire. Primaries are just around the corner 11 days as of this writing and then we can take a breather ... I have put together a list of those folks who are running in the primaries and need our support now ... we do have others we support as ABATE but these are the ones that need our help to get past the primaries. Now I understand there are many runs everywhere this weekend and if you are not helping candidates directly I hope you plan to chat it up and distribute the enclosed flier's ... We need to make this push to get a few more bikers voting!!!

We cannot afford to lose one vote here. Print these up take them to your favorite hangout ...

I am again working Mike Hilgers campaign this weekend and going door to door ... I hope we can win a few more votes in his favor ... if anyone is interested we can use more help. We will be meeting at Toast in Fallbrook Saturday at 9:30 am ... a second crew will meet at 1pm ... please join us if you can.

I have also picked up another 300 yard signs for Senator Deb Fischer and have those available. I still have a few Signs for Mike Hilgers as well ... I will be bringing what is left to the district 2 meeting Sunday 1pm at the starlight lounge in lincoln. If you cannot make it there, give me a call, leave a message and i will deliver them to you.

Again, enjoy your weekend and do what you can for the effort. Simply running around on a poker run this weekend with the attached flier in hand may make one new person aware of what we need.

"Keep the Shiny side Up!"


Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator
ABATE of Ne Inc.


Update - April 27, 2012

Another week closer to the elections and ramping up! We need to be working these campaigns people. Time is running out. I cannot stress enough how important just talking about the candidates and getting their names out is ... Again if you do not have a candidate up for election in your district there are plenty of neighboring districts that can use your help. I myself am working with senator Hilgers daily. After work we have been going into some of the rural areas putting up 4' x 8' signs along the highway (where we can find private property) we have been getting them up and getting good feedback ! I was even able to get one of our supporting businesses Slick's in Airpark to allow us to put up a sign on NW 48th which is an excellent location ... basically the only access for airpark! Hilgers has some more openings this Saturday for going door to door delivering flier as well again meeting at Toast in fallbrook and heading out 9:30 am !!

Senator Fischer ... let's not forget what we can do for her as well she has plans to be in Western Nebraska here is her schedule...

Deb Fischer Events:

Friday April 27th
8 AM
Coffee at Longhorn Cafe
Kimball, NE

4:30-6:30 PM
Public Meeting at the Scottsbluff Library

Saturday April 28th
2 PM
Coffee at the Bean Broker
Chadron, NE

Monday April 30th
8:30 to 9:30 AM
Coffee at Newberry Common ground
Alliance, NE

Stops later in the afternoon at Bridgeport (11 am) and Oshkosh (2 pm)

let's get out and show her some support ... bring a friend and get involved! Remember every vote counts !!!!!

please keep the information coming let everyone know what you are doing in your area for your candidates ....


Keep the shiny side up

Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator
ABATE of Ne inc


Update - April 13, 2012
Scott has been on top of it all and you have your lists of the Senators that need our help in the Primaries. We need to focus and get things done. Make some calls and do whatever you can. I personally am working on Mike Hilgers in district 21 we have several things going on over the next 2 weekends. This weekend if anyone is so inclined we will be helping deliver yard signs for any that show up at Toast in Fallbrook 10am this Saturday. We are also planning to help go door to door the following Saturday meeting at the same location at 9:30 am ... this is for legislative district 21.

any surrounding districts that feel left out with nothing to do are welcome to join in the fun! ...

and as always remember Deb Fischer needs our help as well signs can be picked up from 1620 N. st. or you can call 402-310-3347 .

please respond to all with your upcoming events and we can get these posted to the web calendar ASAP , remember it is only a few weeks of hard work then we have all summer to hang out ride and prepare for November elections!



Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator
ABATE of Ne Inc.

Keep the shiny side up

Update - April 10, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time flex some ABATE muscle and get involved is some very critical races for us this election season. Below is a list of candidates that are involved in legislative races that need our help to make it through to the primary. They are on the list because they came to us and asked for our help. They indicated that they would be in support of a repeal of the helmet bill, and they support what we are saying. They are also in races where their opponents have either chosen not to side with us or have voted against us in the past. We need these folks below to make to the general election in November and then on to the take a seat in Lincoln and help us put this issue of ours to bed..
I need each of you to either take ownership of this request or appoint someone in your district to drive the effort.
1#. Call the candidates in your area or near it and find out how and when ABATE can assist. Offer to walk neighborhoods to hang door tags, help putting up yard signs or stand on street corners during the primary to show support. Where do they need help and when?
2#. Organize and energize your membership to help. Show the candidate that we are for real and offer real help.
3#. Have fun with it. Have a get together or a ride after the event or assistance.
4#. Ask the candidate when they will need help again and try to assist.
5#. Invite other ABATE districts that boarder to help cause this helps all of us.
The Primary is May 15th which leaves 5 weekends before we go to the polls. We need to make our contact calls to the candidates this week. Please also let me know after your conversation how you are going to assist.
They are:
D2 Larson Weeping Water 402-676-8007
D7 Greary South East Omaha 402-905-6865
D17 Bloomfield Hoskins 402-565-4223
D21 Hilgers Lincoln 402-916-0892
D37 Woodward Kearney 308-233-9955
D41 Curtis Plainview 402-582-3817
D43 Davis Hyannis 308-458-2220
D45 Carter Bellevue 402-871-3788
Come on folks, we need this…
I will also tell you that I have calls from 3 supporting senators not not in an election this go around giving recomendations to the list above.
Please call or mail if you have any questions....
Scott Lucey


Update - March 29, 2012

I hope everyone feels rejuvenated, energized and ready to go. STEAM was a great event and I thank each and every one of you that attended and those that went the extra mile to help. I know in my case it was fantastic! I came back from the event ready to post signs and contact my Senator. We have a lot to do and very little time to get it done. I wanted to get this out before your April meetings. I see a lot of you have them scheduled for this Sunday due to the Easter weekend ... We, as an organization, did receive some great praise for our comments on Saturday morning as to our approach for changing the helmet law, by changing the face of the legislature to the point of even being quoted and told that it was a great rallying cry. "It is much easier to Elect a Senator who will vote in our favor than it is to change ones mind". We also made some great progress at STEAM to further Senator Fischer's bid for US Senate. We have some hoops to jump through but I believe the MRF will come through for us in their support. I have already received some confirmation that the paperwork is in progress to get this done. Thanks in no small part to everyone who was there making a difference at STEAM. Senator Fischer told me directly how much our efforts mean at the capital, that everyone knows why we are there and whom we represent. I know we made a few new contacts as well with bordering states .. we had a representative from Colorado in particular that seemed very interested in some joint efforts with District 12.

So what do you need to be working on? Just as we said at STEAM, we will never change the helmet law in the State of Nebraska till we have 30 votes locked in on the floor. I know we can do this. When i say we i mean every motorcyclist in the State. ABATE members need to carry the flag but we need all the votes we can muster for the primaries and beyond. We need you to be the ambassadors for political action, get involved in the committees, and work to get the candidates through the primaries. I will tell you this, our past efforts have been making waves. We do make a difference, candidates are again coming to us for support. We just need to practice what we preach. Work to get them elected, put the fear of us supporting someone else into those that have been elected!

Now Primaries are hugely important and we need to hit the ground running. I need to see some action in these legislative districts

District 2 - Lambert or Larson ...
District 7 - Greary
District 17 - Bloomfield
District 21 - Hilgers ... I am talking to him myself and setting up an interview (my personal district)
District 37 - Woodward
District 45 - Carter

These are all the districts Scott has been sending out emails about but we need to know what, if anything, is happening. Scott will be helping to contact and set up visits to your Senators and those will be posted on the State Website. Find out what you can do for each of them in your district and do not be afraid to ask for help!!! A border district may be able to lend support. I know there are a few more districts we do not have all the information on yet so if you have any information on support in another district let us know asap. Get these people to your meetings get them involved. Get your districts engaged in the process! Invite them to your events. Get them in parades, fairs, or anything you can think of to get them in front of as many people as you can.

We also need to be working for Sen Fischer in her US bid .. she has a tough battle ahead and we all know name recognition is huge. Many districts took yard signs etc to get started on her campaign already but she needs all the help we can give her. I have gotten information from her aid that these counties in the state need some extra attention ...

They still need county chairs for the following counties:

-Box Butte

County chairs for a campaign are just point people in the county. Right now, they are distributing signs, so a county chair would be someone who could either help distribute to our supporters or help us find someone who could be a base of operations. Also, when the Senator comes through, Larissa (Sen. Fischer's aid) may call to see if there are any events she needs to attend or people she should meet while they are in town. That's about it! Easy task but these counties are currently without ... if you can lend a hand here or know someone who would get in touch with me, Scott or Larissa ASAP.

Everyone has a job to do ... if there is not a local senate election in your district Sen Fischer needs you...

I have been in contact with Larissa on getting voter registration booths set up as well. This is an untapped resource we have an entire younger generation of riders that often show indifference ... if we can get them registered to vote and get them to the polls ... those few votes may change the balance ...

Bottom line ... we need to get busy we have approximately 6 weeks to make things happen for the primaries If you want to make a difference now is the time!

Keep us all informed and we will succeed.

Todd C. Miller
State Coordinator
ABATE of Ne Inc.

FORUM on March 20 for District 1 senator race

The County Farm Bureaus in Legislative District 1 are sponsoring a Candidates Forum on March 20 to give the public an opportunity to meet and question the candidates who are seeking to represent the district in the Nebraska Legislature.  The forum is free, and open to the public.


Forum will be held Tuesday, March 20, 7 pm at the St. Peters Lutheran Church Parish Hall, 71955 Hwy 50, Elk Creek, NE. 


All 6 candidates - Bruce Bernadt, Douglas Bohling, Alvin Guenther, Jerry Joy, Neal Schatz, and Dan Watermeir -  have been invited to participate.



March 6, 2012

Fellow Motorcyclists,

ABATE of Nebraska's helmet modification bill, LB52 is scheduled to be voted on tomorrow, Wed, March 7th

ABATE of Nebraska is asking for your help.

Please contact the Senator's listed below and ask them NICELY...

"Vote LB52 out of committee so it can be debated and voted on by the full Legislature."

Email or phone is acceptable - however, do NOT contact them past 11am on Wed, Marcy 7th.

Senator Kathy Campbell

Phone (402) 471-2731

Email:  kcampbell@leg.ne.gov


Senator Annete Dubas

Phone (402) 471-2630

Email: aduba@leg.ne.gov


Senator Galen Hadley

Phone (402) 471-2726

Email:  ghadley@leg.ne.gov


Senator LeRoy Louden

Phone (402) 471-2725

Email:  llouden@leg.ne.gov


Thank you in advance for your help.  Please get this message out to others ASAP.



Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska




Session starts January 4, 2012.  Our bill, LB52 is sitting in committee waiting for a swing vote to get it out of committee and on the floor.

A large number of senators support us, but still have some that need to be swung our way.  A large number of businesses and political organizations also support us.

We have Lobby Day coming up on Jan 23rd.  We need YOU there!  We need 100% participation from our members.

Go to meetings!  Get information and educate others!  Know your senators name and number - and use them!

Call your senator and tell them to back LB52, the bill to repeal the mandatory helmet law.  It is in committee and for the sake of freedom, you want it out and you want it to pass.  Tell them you will be keeping track of the progress on the bill.

Unlike wearing a helmet, you do have a choice in making a difference.  What is YOUR decision???


January 15, 2012

As many of you may have heard, the new Senator for D33 is Les Seiler, Hastings area.  He was appointed to take the place of Senator Uttler who passed away the first part of January.


From the MRF - very important alert!!! UPDATE DECEMBER 13, 2011

Please read the following from the MRF and do as it asks....
Call the number listed and tell Nelson and Johans how you feel..
Also please spread the word and please forgive if their are duplicate emails.

We need people to call 

Scott Lucey


National Call to Action: Federal Helmet Mandates
The Motorcycle Riders Foundation reports that the US Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation will be marking up The Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2011 (S. 1449). This bill governs the National Highway Transportation Safety Administrations activities. This bill has the potential to greatly affect motorcyclists nationwide. 

There are three provisions that specifically target motorcyclists.

Call your Senators and ask them to:

  1. Oppose Lautenberg amendment #1. This amendment would alter the motorcycle safety grant program by forcing states to pass mandatory universal helmet laws and drive federal tax dollars to be used to promote the use of helmets. This provision would make it easier for helmet law states to obtain 2010 grant money. This amendment would provide no money for awareness or training.
  1. Support DeMint amendments #1 and #18. These amendments protect the NHTSA lobby ban. Under the proposed legislation are provisions to lift this lobby ban.  
  1. Support DeMint amendment #2. The bill, (S 1449) would change the definition of "motor vehicle equipment" to include motorcycle helmets. This would allow States to spend federal money dedicated to "motor vehicle equipment" on motorcycle helmets. The DeMint amendment would keep helmets out of that definition.  

Call Now. Time is of the essence. Call you Senators via the capitol switch board at 202 224 3121. 

Of key importance are the Senators on the committee you can contact them directly:  

Senator Rockefeller-WV 202 224 6472
Senator Kerry-MA 202 224 2742
Senator Lautenberg-NJ 202 224 3224
Senator McCaskill-MO 202 224 6154
Senator Udall-NM 202 224 5941
Senator Begich-AK 202 224 3004
Senator Inouye-HI 202 224 3934
Senator Boxer-CA 202 224 3553
Senator Cantwell-WA 202 224 3441
Senator Pryor-AR 202 224 2353
Senator Klobucher-MN 202 224 3244 
Senator Hutchinson-TX 202 224 5922

Senator DeMint-SC 202 224 6121
Senator Wicker-MS 202 224 6253
Senator Blunt-MO 202 224 5721
Senator Toomey-PA 202 224 4254
Senator Ayotte-NH 202 224 3324
Senator Snowe-ME 202 224 5344
Senator Thune- SD 202 224 2321
Senator Isakson-GA 202 224 3643
Senator Boozman-AR 202 224 4843
Senator Marco Rubio-FL 202 224 3041
Senator Heller-NV 202 224 6244 

This is of extreme importance. Please call today, Tuesday, December 13th, 2011.

Do not hesitate to contact the MRF should you have any questions. 202 546 0983 




UPDATE - October 19.2011

Well Saturday in the Omaha World Herald the Omaha Police published their results after the summer long helmet enforcement activity.  As usual it was bias and full of BS unrelated to bikers or the reason for the effort in the first place.  My response to the Public Pulse is below.  The article was published this last Saturday if you want to check it out.  It was a little square on the back page of the Midlands section or under enforcemt effort if you search the www.omaha.com site.  6 weeks after the effort ended they sneak it into a Saturday paper to fulfill the press release requirements of the grant.  Fucking pussy's.  There will be more to come on this and we may need to make this an agenda item for Novembers BOD.
If you feel compelled to share with the OWH why you do not come to Omaha on a bike in fear of being harassed when you are compliant, please email the Public Pulse or the mayors office or better yet the chamber of commerce.  The public pulses contact is   (Jimmy and Mike, I am sure you have this committed to memory), pulse@owh.com
Well Saturday in the Omaha World Herald the Omaha Police published their results after the summer long helmet enforcement activity.  As usual it was bias and full of BS unrelated to bikers or the reason for the effort in the first place.  My response to the Public Pulse is below.  The article was published this last Saturday if you want to check it out.  It was a little square on the back page of the Midlands section or under enforcement effort if you search the www.omaha.com site.  6 weeks after the effort ended they sneak it into a Saturday paper to fulfill the press release requirements of the grant.   There will be more to come on this and we may need to make this an agenda item for Novembers BOD.
If you feel compelled to share with the OWH why you do not come to Omaha on a bike in fear of being harassed when you are compliant, please email the Public Pulse or the mayors office or better yet the chamber of commerce.  The public pulses contact is   (Jimmy and Mike, I am sure you have this committed to memory), pulse@owh.com
My slide...
"Summer of enforcement ends with 1,498 citations issued" Saturday, October 15th Omaha Word Herald
     Of the 1,498 motor vehicle and motorcycle citations issued, a total of 34 of the citations were issued  for helmet non compliance during the enforcement activity time periods.  Motorcycle helmet compliance is the basis for the Federal grant which totaled almost 35,000.00 this year in overtime law enforcement activities.  Last year the grant awarded 25,848.00 for the same program which netted 44 helmet violations. The quick math says we spent a lot more for a lot less this time around.  While I applaud the effort to keep Omaha and it's residents safer, is the premise of making sure a rider has a DOT compliant helmet on really impacting the safety of the citizens of Omaha at large?  1,498 citations issued is a nice effort but lets be honest, these are not all bikers (over 130 of the citations were issued for seat belts and 918 issued for cars and bikes speeding).  
I am sure the Feds have a grant for crooked parking lot line enforcement.  Get that one instead and stop masking an effort that really has little to do with helmet compliance or the safety of the majority of the citizens of Omaha at the expense of the motorcycling community.  34 issued for folks that could only hurt themselves verses 1464 issued to folks that could potentially hurt others and the basis is Helmet compliance.  Please...
Scott Lucey



UPDATE - October 10, 2011

Gov. Dave Heineman has chosen Plattsmouth Mayor, R. Paul Lambert, to take over the state senator seat vacated by Dave Pankonin.

Lambert will be sworn in to office on Friday by Secretary of State John Gale at the State Capitol.

"There were several key factors in my decision.  Paul has been the mayor of Plattsmouth for 8 years.  He understands the challenges of local government.  He knows that we must control spending and Paul is a common sense Nebraskan" Heineman said.

Lambert, 61, was appointed to the Plattsmouth City Council in 1999 and re-elected to that office twice.  He has been mayor since 2003.  Mr. Lambert currently works in automotive sales and is a licensed real estate agent and an iron worker.

In a press release Lambert said "I am honored to be appointed by the Governor.  I am humbled by the task at hand and I am pleased and proud to serve the good people of the second district.  I ask for their help, their understanding and especially their prayers for the duration of my service."

Lambert attended Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

UPDATE - September 21, 2011

Please see the email below concerning Deb Fischer's run for the Senate.  Please keep in mind that donations must be made individually and CANNOT come from an ABATE acct.  Let's support someone who has always supported us.
 Deb Fischer is running for the U.S. Senate.
 Deb has supported us (ABATE of Ne) for years as Chairwoman of the Senate Transportation Committee of which she will continue to chair during the
 next session.
 The campaign will probably be asking "us" for help with yard signs and such as things move along, but right now they are looking for donations to build up to coffers before the end of the filing quarter on September 30th.
 To that end, here is an email from Aaron Trost, her campaign manager:
 We have a very important financial deadline on this Friday, September 30.   We are trying to raise as much money as possible on our report to make a strong
 showing and continue the momentum for Deb's campaign.  Donations of $100, $50, 25, even $10 will be very helpful.
 If we can get 30 people to donate $50, or 100 people to give $25, then that would be a big boost.
 To Contribute online, go to - http://www.debfischer2012.com/?page_id=11

 Having a strong report is critical to our success.  Any help ABATE can provide would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanks so much!

 Aaron Trost
 Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate, Campaign Manager
 As Deb has supported us, please consider supporting her!!


Update September 1, 2011

Yesterday Senator Pankonin from Legislative district 2 which sits over Plattsmouth as well as parts of Sarpy County said he will resign effective October 8th of this year.  ABATE districts 6 and 11 have members represented by the Senator.

 There have been many conversations with the senator over the years to get him to see our point of view with no success.  He has voted in opposition in every opportunity. 

 The Governor is taking applications to fill the seat which are due to him no later then September 23rd.  I suspect that Pankonin’s opponent Louderback from last year’s election may be one of those but I am still in the process of confirming that.  Louderback pledged support of LB52 and our right to choose.

 I will keep everyone updated but please contact me if you hear any developments relating to this development.



Update - March 25, 2011

Well just goes to show you … its Friday its spring and it’s snowing … so I thought I would take this opportunity to touch base with everyone.  Our website transfer should be coming to completion very soon with little or no down time. If you have trouble logging in give it a bit and try again. There will be  a page coming soon for the Chrome  level membership and sample letter to your supporting business feel free to use that … there will be a link on the website for the business to apply for membership.

                 I am not hearing much from anyone at this time and I have to wonder if everyone is getting busy on the tasks that have been assigned. We need to be getting to our supporting businesses. We need to be gearing up for rides to the target zones as they are identified … Has your district started making plans for runs this summer too? I have not been getting feedback from you. We at the State office need to know. Please have your secretary’s forward copies of your meeting minutes to all of us.  We need to stay focused this summer in order to move this along … Have all your members been contacting the transportation committee members? Are your supporting businesses doing the same?

                 Do not lose sight of where we are going, and how we plan to get there … get to your meetings!

                 Of note, there has been a lot of media attention on the sentencing of the kid that killed the 4 coming back from Sturgis last year … keep an eye open for anything on this .. some of you have been forwarding links to me that is great … also watch for any other motorcycle related news … I want to know about anything and everything within or near our state, whether it be atv or street.

 Keep the shiny side up



Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska




Update - March 7, 2011

Call to action … LB52

 What we need from you now:

 Step One:      

            Go to your district meetings! There will be some information given there not available on the web site. Do not expect to get all the information there as some will be sensitive information and not available to the general public. Do not call me or the other state officers either, for this, as if we do not personally know you, we will not release sensitive information over the phone either.

 Step Two:

            We need to work on sending emails, letters and making phone calls to our transportation committee members from us as individuals. We are not trying to flood them but merely show the support from across the state and out of state for moving this bill along and out of Committee. I need to start hearing from you in the next few days and weeks that this is getting done. On the web page you will find sample letters of the type we wish you to send. Be politically correct and do not in any way shape or form use any sort of profanity! These letters should go to every member of the committee!

 Step Three:

            We need you to start contacting our supporting businesses and ask them to write letters to the committee as well. Go to your meetings get with your reps and find those businesses get organized so we aren’t all contacting the same businesses. I want to know as the businesses are contacted. Call the ABATE office number and leave a simple message, we will be checking them off as we go, making sure all have been contacted!  It would be best if we received that information from one source per district, such as your district rep but any others may do so as well. Again, we have sample letters for them as well as an explanation letter on the web page for you to hand or read to them regarding what we need done.

 There will be much more to do in the next weeks … this is our first push to get this bill out of committee, any and all help doing these things from within ABATE and from other individuals will be greatly appreciated. You do not have to be an ABATE member to attend meetings find one near you and get involved!



 Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska



Update - March 4, 2011


            I don’t have a lot for you all right now but I did not want you to think we were keeping you in the dark. As of now we have had no real news just a lot of whispers and innuendo … that being said Bob, Scott and I will be meeting this weekend to hopefully formulate some sort of backup plan and be ready to present options to the BOD at the March meeting … I wanted to get this out today as I know a lot of you have meetings this weekend … be assured we are not sitting on our butts doing nothing.  The game of politics is a chess game, that is for sure, and we need to be sure of our next move.  Tell your members the bill is still on hold but to be alert to action after the Board meeting next Sunday.  Keep your eyes out for any media … I have had a few respond to me on this and we have taken action where necessary … thanks for all of you who have been keeping us informed across the state … and for those of you out of state as well.

 Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska




Update - Feb 24, 2011

Again no news on our bill lb52, I just wanted to remind everyone to be patient and be standing by for a call to action once we have movement of any kind we will be needing assistance in a short time. Be prepared!

 Again I ask that you keep an eye on all news and media coverage … watch for any polls etc. I have had some nice letters in response to my responses in the paper locally as well as from those “old” members across the state who are watching the web site for any news …

I know a some have sent some emails to me as well requesting permission to respond to others… thanks to all of you!

 Hopefully more news soon but voting only happens on Monday or Tuesday … so we will be in a holding pattern till then for news from the committee.

 Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska




Update - Feb 15, 2011

Ok, I want to remind everyone we are in a holding pattern for now waiting for the outcome of the committee hearing. That does not mean we don’t need to be busy … there have already been many blogs on the web about our bill and bashing back and forth … one such as this

  1. traveler said on: February 14, 2011, 11:24 pm

Yes, ABATE presented the same bill last year, and they will probably present it next year, and the year after that …

If this bill makes it to the floor, it will still get stuck in the same debate of personal freedom vs. public safety. I see this as very similar to requiring seat belts and child restraints. I doubt this will have much better chance than last year.

American Bikers Aimed Towards Education. Really? I would disagree with their name choice. When the hearing to cut funding for motorcycle training took place several weeks ago (LB170), ABATE was silent. Education is not really their thing, they just don’t like helmets.

 I have sent a response already in regards to only that we did have a position on the bill lb170 and we did present it to the committee. Also that yes we will continue to fight unjust legislation singling out motorcyclists. I would like all of you to be very aware we will be getting publicity on this issue I was down at the State office last night “Valentines Day” (which I am still trying to make it up to my wife for not being home) … fielding calls about the hearing. I don’t want to see ABATE members out there doing a lot of bashing other individuals … state facts and let them look like fools if you feel we need a comment and are not sure what to say contact me Scott, or bob and we will do it. If you don’t know something for sure don’t guess!!! And yes pointing a finger at someone who shall remain nameless… 

Anyway keep your eyes open watch for any wrong facts, any polls etc …

 I will update as soon as we know more

 Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska




Update - Feb 14, 2011

We met in committee today for lb 52 and both sides of the argument were heard. We have a good feeling about the outcome but we are working on some additional information that the committee requested.  There a couple of opportunities for them to reach a decision by next Tuesday. We are in close contact with the committee. Of note, we were applauded on our professionalism and our adherence to the system to date … please be patient and we will keep you updated as we know more.


Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator, ABATE of NE Inc.

ABATE of Nebraska




Update - Jan 13, 2011 - click HERE to read LB170

 LB170 was introduced this legislative session and has some direct impact on the motorcycling community of Nebraska.  LB170 as we understand it will eliminate the redirection of the portion of the motorcycle license and registration fees used for motorcycle safety and training courses.  To the best of our knowledge, the majority of these funds were used to subsidize tuition for rider training classes and for instructor education and certification.  At this time we are unclear of the total dollars redirected per year are nor are we sure if the money is spent for any other motorcycle related cause. 

Senator Fisher introduced LB170.  As we understand it, all of the committee chairs were asked to find monies to cut or add back into the states general fund from all state departments and the content of LB170 is a result of what the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offered as their contribution.  Senator Fisher is the introducer as this department is guided by the Transportation Committee.

  Part of the criteria set forth in determining what would be eligible to cut is if the program or activity were optional.  Rider training courses are optional in that you are not required to take it to receive a license or register a motorcycle.  Only if you want to forgo the test required by the DMV will you need to show proof of successful completion of one of these courses.  There courses are also not fully funded by the state but by the subsidized expense to the individual. 

 In conversation with the Grater Omaha Office on Safety who offers such a program.  They indicated that they charge the individual 209.00 for the course.  The Safety Council then submits a list of all of the participants and is reimbursed 75.00 from the fund for each successful completion.  This last year they estimated 700 enrollees in the Omaha area.  The Safety Council said they use the money to offset costs and to keep the tuition more affordable.  They were not prepared to comment if they think this will deter people from taking the course since a price increase is emanate if the funding goes away. They indicated they would be in opposition.

 At this time we are not sure how we will want to proceed with this as we don’t have all the information, however I think we can all agree we cannot let this go unnoticed by our organization

 Scott is checking into this further and will keep us all updated

 By the same token Lb52 is moving along and though we don’t know as of yet for sure when it will be heard in committee it is in committee and we are preparing our committee hearing testimony if you are planning to attend let me bob or scott know so we can get a feel for who will be there … it is expected to happen sometime next week as soon as we know something we will let you all know

Todd Miller

Update - Jan 10, 2011

It’s official, we have now been referred to the Transportation Committee. 

 My gut tells me we will be in committee next week.  I will keep you all posted. Most likely after the 18th

Todd Miller

Update - Jan 7, 2011

Ok folks,

                The legislative session has been underway and the preliminary steps are full steam ahead for our bill.  LB52 looks to move quickly and there is no time to waste.  You have been getting all the information we have and it has been sent to the web as well.  I hope you know what you need to be doing by now but if not get to your meetings, go to the web and make plans to be at lobby day.  Right now one of the best things you can do is spread the word to all you know … not just ABATE members but other bikers in your area .. your friends, businesses, etc … keep the enthusiasm and the public opinion going in our favor … that means we also need to hear about any public opinion polls going on,  whether it be in the paper on a website or on tv.  We need timely information sent to me, Scott, Bob and or Connie so we can get it posted and blanket the state and the outlying states for help … we did a great job last year.  I ask for your help in this again, as it is sure to happen … we can’t afford to have one more bogus statistic against us …  

                I cannot stress enough how important contacting your senators at all times, whether it be to thank them for their support or to encourage them to vote for us … even those against us we can be working on to not vote against cloture … that in itself could be huge and a major turning point in this session. If a senator wants more information let us know,  we have our secret weapon “Spotman” for resources as well as many other state coordinators willing to send us information as we need it, don’t be afraid to ask … but be aware a lot of what they may ask for is information they may already have or they are just stalling you to get you out of their office … LOL.  We can win this political game but it will take all of us working together to do so …

 Do not lose HOPE!

                 I don’t want to hear from anyone, “here we go again”, “it will never happen in Nebraska”, “we are just beating our heads against the wall”, etc … If you don’t believe,  you are in the wrong organization. Our whole purpose is based on believing we can make a difference.  You will not make a difference sitting on the sidelines. It is truly amazing how easily hope can spread from one person to another … if you speak and think we can do this you may or may not convince another, but you will do no harm…. By the same token  despair spreads just as easily … if you sit and talk to your friends of how it will never happen … and that is what you believe … you will spread that thought and may convince someone not to try, you have now become a liability to this organization and everything we are working for … understand what you are doing and make a choice to be positive!

 Please keep in mind I don’t expect this war to be over in a day … but each battle we win no matter how small puts us one step closer to the prize …

Freedom of choice for bikers in Nebraska … and this is only the beginning

Todd Miller




Update - Jan 5, 2011

It looks like our legislation was read today along with all of the bill that are being introduced this year.  Our helmet bill is LB52 and is now on file.  Most likely we will be picked up by the transportation committee to be heard.  Hearings start in a week or so. 
The transportation committee appointments have also been made.  It looks the same as last year but Gay and Stuthman have been replaced with Price and Dubas.  Last year Price voted with us and was the one that added the sun down clause to LB200.  I still think that means we could get him to move it out of committee.  Dubas voted against us every time.  We have work to do there.  Also, we need Louden to keep again to move it on.  If we keep Price and Louden we have a 5 to 3 advantage. 
It still would not hurt to visit with Hadley, and Campbell either but I am not sure what luck you will have.  It never hurts to try.
Stay tuned in folks there will be a lot happening and much work to be done. 
Scott Lucey

Update - Jan 5, 2011

Hello all,

I have expanded my mailing this month to other Dist officers that I have addresses for.  Please get this out to as many folks as possible and use it at your upcoming Dist. meetings.  Here we go............

Fire 'em up and get the troops ready, the battle is at hand.  The 102nd Nebraska
Legislative Session started today.

We can expect that Committee appointments will be made in the next few days.  We can expect that our bill will be introduced in the next few days.
We can expect that the media will pick up on this very quickly.  When you read,
see, or hear media reports in your area, please contact Todd, Scott, or myself
so we can keep up with what is being printed or broadcasted.
We can expect that our bill will receive an early hearing in Committee and, if
the Committee make up is what we hope to see, it will be passed on to the floor
We can expect that once it reaches the floor is will be heard very soon.  They
will want this cleared so they can move on to a lot of major issues that they
have to deal with in this session.
We can expect that we will not have the debate time that we had last year. 
Again, they will be wanting to move on.  This could work in our favor if we are

So..........NOW IS THE TIME. 
Now is the time to get this info our to your membership. 
Now is the time to contact other biker organizations in your area and let them
know what is going on and that we need their support to.  This is HUGE!
Now is the time to make everyone aware that they need to keep up with what is
going on at our website:  www.abateofne.com  Starting today, there is a link to
the latest info we have.  Be sure to have everyone check out Scott's lobbying
tips on the website.  Be sure that someone is scheduling meetings with your
Senator's on Lobby Day.
Now is the time to take action or plan on getting nothing done for the next 2
years.  This is our opportunity for this legislative session.  Today, not next
year, not next month, not next week.
What to do next?  Pull out the info on the Senator's that Scott provided at the
last BOD.  Can't find your copy-contact Scott or myself.
Senators that are shown as a HARD YES-Contact their staff and assure that they
are still on board.
Senators shown as a SOFT YES-Contact them and see if they are willing to support
our bill when it comes up.  If they indicate they are undecided, contact Scott
Senators shown as a SOFT NO-Same as soft yes.  If they indicate they will oppose
our bill, ask if they will vote yes if a cloture vote comes up.
Senators shown as a HARD NO-There is probably no need to spend a lot of time on them in trying to get them to support our bill.  They will ask for all sorts of
info that we don't have the time to provide them, and I will bet this will not
change them in a short period of time.  BUT, ASK THEM IS THEY WILL VOTE YES IF A CLOTURE VOTE COMES UP.
Then let Scott know what you find out.  He has been, and is, working hard on
this.  He cannot do it alone and needs as much info as you can provide him

Get your lobbyist forms in and let Scott or I know who plans to register, if you
haven't already.

Am I fired up......you bet I am.  Are you?  Is your District?  If we don't fire
'em up, who then?

Have questions-Ask Todd, Scott, or myself

Bob Ailor


Jan 3, 2011

It's time to get your motors running!  It's time to get geared up!  The next legislative session starts on January 5, 2011, and there is a very good possibility that motorcycle helmets will again be a hot topic of conversation.  Are YOU ready??

Make plans now to attend Lobby Day at the Capital on January 24th.  Let your senators know where you stand.  Want to know how you should approach your Senator?  Check this out!

Stay tuned and check back often for updates, and any calls to actions that will be sent out.  Things are quiet now, but they will be heating up quickly!

In the meantime.....go to your local district meetings to find out what is going on.  Talk to your District Rep, and your Districts Legislative Officer.  Don't know who they are?  Go to our District Officer page right here on the web!  Don't know when your districts next meeting is?  You can find that here on the web too...just go to the Calendar of Events page...or, email your District Rep - he/she will be more than happy to give you all that information.