ABATE of Nebraska, Inc.


(Revision completed July, 2008)




1.) The District shall be reponsible for:

    (A)  ABATE of Nebraska, Inc. functions within its district.

    (B)  Establishment of a program that will protect the interests of their members at city, county, and district levels.

    (C) Keeping the State Officers up-to-date with what is going on in their District.


2.) Each District officer elections will be held every two years in the month of June.  The even-numbered Districts will be held in even-numbered years; and odd-numbered Districts will be held in odd-numbered years beginning in June 2006.  State Office shall receive results of District elections by July 1st of that same year.


3.) All ABATE District Officers shall retain their Officer patches but the dates of their term of office shall be on or by the patch.


4.) A copy of the minutes from the District meetings shall be forwarded to the State Office within one (1) week of that meeting.  Failure to do so for two (2) consecutive months will result in the District losing its seat on the Board of Directors until the State has received the reports.


5.) Any District, which is not represented at a Board of Directors meeting, shall be fined $50.00 unless they have a valid reason.  The Board of Directors shall decide if the reason is valid.


6.) Associate members are not eligible to hold a District Officer position and shall have no voting rights.  Associate members shall not be sent District newsletters.


7.) Districts that purchase inventory for resale which is not a State ABATE product, must have the District's number on them.


8.) All members shall be mailed a renewal notice by ABATE of Nebraska thirty (30) to sixty (60) days prior to their membership expiration date.


9.) All District meetings shall be governed by "Robert's Rules of Order" and presided over by the District Director or in his/her absence, the Assistant Director, or in the absence of both, the Chairperson chosen by the Directors.




1.) All ABATE bank accounts must be correctly established as a corporate entity (501c4).


2.) The corporate title on the account is identified as: ABATE of Nebraska, District #_____.


3.) The Federal Tax ID _______ is assigned to the ABATE corporate account. (if you need this #, please contact the State Coordinator or State Treasurer)


4.) All State and District officers of ABATE must use the State Sales Tax ID ________.(if you need this #, please contact the State Coordinator or State Treasurer)


5.) Annually, or as needed, the Board of Directors must approve the corporate resolution and designated bank account signers list which authorizes individuals in their corporate capacities.


6.) A current corporate resolution must be provided to the Financial Institution, as prepared by the state office to approve account signers.


7.) The correct ABATE Members are listed on each account as signers for the various State and District accounts as identified on the current Leadership list held in the State Office.


8.) The State Coordinator and at least one State officer must be included as an authorized signer on every ABATE of Nebraska Incorporated bank account (see rules for the state, finances #14 for additional information).


9.) Bank accounts should produce monthly bank account statements with month end cut off dates (effective 1/13/08) so that statement copies may be mailed by the 15th of each month to the state office.


10.) Each District is to send to the State Treasurer a financial report on the State provided form accompanied by bank statement, signed by the District Representative and the District Treasurer, including all ABATE products and district funds monthly.  Failure to do so for two (2) consecutive months will result in the District losing its seat on the Board of Directors until the State Treasurer receives the reports.


11.) All Districts shall have dual signatures with three (3) elected officers able to sign for withdrawals.  (Dual signatures must be enforsed).


12.) All District financial reports shall be turned into the State Treasurer by the Fifteenth (15th) of the following month and shall include a copy of the District's bank statement.


13.) Each District will reimburse their Districts Representative for gasoline.  If traveling more than 100 miles to attend a Board of Directors meeting, reasonable overnight room rates will be reimbursed.  (Meals are not reimbursed).  If a district is financially unable to make the reimbursement, the State Coordinator can approve the District Representative's expenses from the General Fund in advance.  Follow up notification of the Board of Directors is required.




1.) Within forty-five (45) days of the end of all District major events, a copy of the financial report shall be made to the State Treasurer.


2.) One-half (1/2) of the profits from sanctioned District events will be given to the State treasury.


3.) Each District shall submit a list of District major events for the next calendar year.  Such lists must be submitted between August 1 and November 1 for sanctioning.


4.) Any ABATE scheduled event that provides, sells, or serves alcohol will require a $1,000,000.00 special liability policy to be purchased seperately, with a copy of the policy sent to the state office 30 days prior to the scheduled event.



...................................................Created by Todd C. Miller

.................................updated 9/6/2010