Dear Supporting Business,

                ABATE of Ne. is implementing a new level of Supporting business with which we hope will drive our members to your business as well as give something back to our members.  This is a strictly optional program and we assure you that we do appreciate your being a supporting business as you are.  The new level of business membership will be “Chrome Business Member”.  Initially this will require that you be a supporting business of ABATE of Ne Inc. but also that you electively give some discount or benefit back to our members upon their displaying proof of membership in our organization. For example … “No Name Pub” joins as a supporting business member and then elects to fill out the application for “Chrome Business Member” … voluntarily offering 10% discount to ABATE members who show their cards at their bar during happy hour.

                The application would be processed in the State office and a new “Chrome Business Member” decal would be mailed to the location for display. The Business would also get added to the State Website Chrome Member page with the details of the discount.  I realize some businesses may already be providing our members with some discounts and this will just make all members aware of your generosity.

                We hope this will help drive members to your establishment as our members are often making choices of where to ride based on the economy.  As well as many businesses are not our typical destinations during a ride and we feel they need exposure as well.

                Again this is a strictly voluntary program which we are implementing this year.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions on the program.

                Thanks again for all your help as a supporting business.



Todd C. Miller

State Coordinator

ABATE of NE. Inc



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